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Luxury Water: Purity, Style And Presence

J.M. Towers

High quality waters become objects of desire for their sophistication and elegance, as well as the beauty of their containers.

Water is a vital substance, and drinking this precious liquid, an innate need. But sometimes water becomes a luxury and drinking it can turn into a real pleasure. This is the case of the following brands; high quality products in original and stylish packaging that are considered objects of desire for their sophistication and taste.

The Finnish surprise

Luxury Water

The word veen derives from Veen Emonen, which means “mother of water” in the Finnish language. The name was chosen for the pure and delicate water from the Lapland aquifers, in Finland. This almost deserted area north of the country, with a population density of only two inhabitants per square mile, is famous for its hills and sandy soils that put the water in its course towards the surface through a process of natural filtration. The product is packaged in a stylish bottle designed by the architect Antti Eklund.

Bling H2o
Beyond luxury

Luxury Water

At a price of $70 per bottle, Bling H2O is considered the world’s most expensive water. Created by famed Hollywood producer Kevin G. Boid, every bottle contains 380 milliliters of the precious liquid and although it is mostly sold as a collectible, some celebrities like Mariah Carey, Shaquille O’Neal and Paris Hilton consume it regularly. Bling H2O is the epitome of exclusivity: its glazed bottle of limited production is hand decorated with Swarovski crystals and contains water drawn from a spring more than 800 feet deep in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, USA.

An archetype of simplicity and design

Luxury Water

The source of this water is in Norway, an aquifer that has remained untouched for centuries, immersed in a secluded spot on rock and ice. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recognized it as one of the waters of greatest quality and purity in the market. The aseptic and ultramodern image of this bottle is the paradigm of Nordic design: a glass container of cylindrical shape and minimalist style, designed by Neil Kraft, former creative director of Calvin Klein. Celebrities like Elton John and Madonna are unconditional admirers and consumers of this water that is always featured in the menus of the major restaurants in the world.

Ty Nant
Avant-garde and quality

Luxury Water

This water, which flows in the rural area of mid-Wales, has just celebrated its first 25 years since becoming part of the rituals of a demanding consumer who chooses extreme quality products accompanied by breakthrough designs. The cobalt blue color of its original container has given way to transparent reddish hues of high visual and artistic power. This fine water is present in the world’s best restaurants and exclusive events such as London Fashion Week and the Louis Vuitton Sailing Cup.

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