David Delfín, Baruc Corazón and Tom Dixon

Sublime Spirits In Designer Bottles

Mary Elizabeth Collins

David Delfín, Baruc Corazón and Tom Dixon, masters of haute couture and design, create fancy bottles for an excellent wine, a prestigious French brandy, and a world famous gin.

The Spanish designers David Delfín and Baruc Corazón, and the British Tom Dixon are a paradigm of the close relationship that exists between the work of great artists and some of the most evocative wines and spirits. These three masters of haute couture and design created luxurious bottles for an excellent wine, a prestigious French brandy, and a world famous gin.

Perfume de Sonsierra
by David Delfín

Liquors and Design

Perfume de Sonsierra is an excellent wine with notable organoleptic virtues. It is distilled using Tempranillo grapes from the old vineyards of Bodegas Sonsierra in Rioja. One of Spain’s most innovative wineries, Bodegas Sonsierra has partnered with fashion designer David Delfin to create a very particular bottle in which the wine shines with the elegance of a perfume. The result is an elegant black square bottle with a white label signed by the designer.

Seagram’s Gin, Originality Edition
by Baruc Corazón

Liquors and Design

Baruc Corazón is a Spanish fashion designer known for his timeless style. Seagram’s enlisted his collaboration to launch an edition of 200 personalized bottles, signed by the artist. Corazón was inspired by the “vintage spirit of the brand to transform the iconic Seagram’s gin bottle into a tribute to the legendary art nouveau lamps,” said a company spokesman. The designer created a fragmented bottle to which he applied a light coat of color. He used a classical tin and lead alloy to contour the joints and covered them with a bronze patina that reminds us of the distinctive art nouveau esthetics. This is not the first time Seagram’s enters into a collaboration with the world of fashion. In 2012, the firm presented a special edition created by another Spanish designer, Ion Fiz.

Hennessy X.O Exclusive Collection
by Tom Dixon

Liquors and Design

The French label Jas Hennessy & Co. produces some of the oldest and most exclusive cognacs in the world. Its most recent bottle of Hennessy XO is the creation of British designer Tom Dixon. Awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001, Dixon reinterpreted the traditional cognac bottle in a unique manner, giving it a contemporary feel both in form and finish. As if it were a jewel, Dixon meticulously worked every detail to add a striking new look to the brand’s copper or silver editions, but keeping its iconic silhouette. Just as in a modern mosaic, the shimmering tiles evoke precious gemstones.

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