Lanson Extra Aged Brut, White Truffles From Piedmont and Bluefin Tuna: Delicatessen to Enjoy

J.M. Towers

Three products that can stand alone or turn a dish into a masterpiece of culinary greatness.

The most delicate and complex palates have in this section a space to be seduced with gastronomic ideas. Here we present the incomparable Lanson Extra Age Brut champagne, scented truffles from Piedmont and tasty bluefin tuna. These exclusive products can be served alone or with other delicacies.

Lanson Extra Age Brut
A unique champagne

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The Lanson label was founded in 18th century Reims. The French firm created Lanson Extra Age Brut, a unique champagne with a blend that includes exceptional vintages of chardonnay and pinot noir — Grands Crus and Premiers Crus — specially selected to celebrate its 250th anniversary. The result is an elixir that stands out for its intense, vibrant yellow color and fine bubbles. Closer to the nose, one perceives aromas of fig, pear and honey, along with notes reminiscent of French pastry. You’ll immediately recognize the particular Maison Lanson style that makes it so unique: great body and complexity, with a delicate and fresh finish. The Lanson Extra Age Brut is an excellent champagne to complement dishes made with clams and lobster, partridge or roasted pheasant. A Few Curious Facts About Champagne.

White truffles from Piedmont
The intense and exclusive taste of Italy

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The rugged mountainous region of Piedmont is located in the northwest of Italy. It is renowned for its wines and other famous delicacies such as white truffles, one of the finest and most valued products in the global gastronomic market for its scarcity and excellence. Its price can exceed $3,000 per pound. The white truffle of Piedmont— also known as “alba truffle” or “white diamond”— is reserved only for the most elite restaurants which serve it only during the season, between October and January. The way of collecting this fungus is very peculiar, as it has to be found by dogs, specially trained for this task. This truffle is, usually, rounded, with many grooves and irregularities and a weight that varies between 1.5 and 10 ounces. It has an uneven shape, a thin and slightly velvety pale ocher skin, white or yellow on the inside and a very strong smell. It is consumed grated over pasta, eggs, potatoes or rice, allowing its pungent aroma to impregnate the dish.

Bluefin Tuna
The treasure of the sea

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Bluefin tuna can reach a price of more than $1,300 per pound. It is one of the most coveted fish in Japan for its incredibly soft texture and intense flavor. Fans of this fish prefer to eat it raw, almost always in the form of sushi or sashimi. Last year, a tuna weighing 490 pounds was auctioned at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market and was acquired by a large chain of sushi restaurants for the price of more than $3,500 per pound. In the West, it is possible to find bluefin tuna in some of the best Japanese restaurants in New York, Miami, Barcelona, Paris or London.

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