Kors Vodka 24k George V: An Exquisite Vodka Fit For A Czar

Federico Tibytt

Known as "Czar’s vodka," Kors Vodka 24K George V is one of the world's most expensive vodka's ever produced. This sophisticated elixir is now available for the price of $25,000 per bottle.

Kors Vodka has recovered an ancient recipe developed especially for Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov, better known as Czar Nicholas II of Russia and created a special limited edition of only 250 bottles. Priced at $25,000, a bottle of Kors 24K George V Edition, is not only coveted and admired, but is also one of the most expensive vodka in the market.

Kors Vodka 24K, George V Edition

The fabled recipe and distilling techniques of this incomparable elixir are fascinating. Recognized historically as a consummate perfectionist and passionate about vodka, Czar Nicholas II instructed Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich to develop the perfect vodka. The Grand Duke confronted such challenge importing hand-selected grains from 12 countries, and water from the Italian Alps. The complex process of distillation involved solid gold pipes for the first time in history, and diamonds were also used to infuse the spirit with unmatched softness and texture.

Kors Vodka 24K, George V Edition

This delicate and painstaking procedure took place in only two distilleries in the world: one in Finland and the other in Italy. This type of sophisticated manufacturing only yielded a very limited artisanal production, destined for the exclusive use of the Russian aristocracy and a few friendly European Royal Houses. As a sign of generosity, the Czar decided to share his “perfect” recipe with his cousin George V, King of England, with whom he shared a particular pride in Russian traditions.

The world thought that both the formula and the production details were lost for over a century, until a sealed lot—which was never mailed to the Czar—appeared in the old Finnish distillery. In front of their eyes, they had the intact bottles and the information revealing details of its production. This accidental finding and the brand’s commitment to recovering its noble past have brought us this spirit of unique characteristics.

Kors Vodka 24K, George V Edition

With limited special editions, Kors Vodka replicates the emperor’s favorite drink using a methodology known as “the Czar’s vodka” with the same raw materials used a century ago. Each of the 250 numbered bottles of Kors Vodka 24K George V Edition is handmade with the purest crystal and decorated with 24K gold. In addition to its exquisite presentation in a stylish walnut case with a Persian silk lined interior—and the customization of each bottle—the firm provides advisory and concierge service as well as exclusive membership to select clients.

Kors also introduced two other limited editions of this exclusive vodka. The Gold version of 750 numbered bottles for $ 16,500 per unit; and the Silver version, 1,250 numbered bottles for $ 12,500 each, varying in presentation and featured services.

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