Konsolos Istanbul: Fusion Cuisine in the City on Two Continents

Federico Tibytt

The exclusive restaurant is located inside what once was the US Consulate in Istanbul. It is considered one of the city’s best gastronomic jewels for its delightful food and contemporary design.

Istanbul’s Konsolos restaurant in Turkey offers a unique experience for the most discerning palates marked by its excellent cuisine that expertly fusions Eastern and Western flavor combinations and techniques. The other sources of excellence at this superb restaurant are its exotic atmosphere and contemporary ambiance.

The name Konsolos (consulate in Turkish) was selected by its owners, the Çapa Marka Entertainment Group because the building used to house the US consulate in Istanbul. Situated in the Pera district, its location is unbeatable in an area known as the epicenter of the arts, entertainment, and nightlife in the European part of the city.

Konsolos Istanbul: Fusion Cuisine in the City on Two Continents
Konsolos is located in the former U.S. Consulte in Istanbul, Turkey.

The architects in charge of the transformation of the consulate into a chic, exclusive restaurant were able to create a refined, comfortable and elegant environment that is still bold and modern, at the same time, recovering the ceremonial style of the building and combining it with decorative and luxurious avant-garde furnishings.

Konsolos’ dining rooms have kept the mahogany wall paneling of the old consulate, retaining its solemn and elegant appearance, which is complemented with soft textile textures and icy black marble that add a striking look to the entire design. But what undoubtedly gives the restaurant an authentic identity is its art collection created by a French artist, showing figures of humanized animals—in the best anthropomorphic way—framed in glass cubicles and illuminated by an LED lighting system.

The dark brown color of the walls extends to the floors, which are lined with a splendid wood mosaic from the time when the consulate was still in operation. The furniture is made up of large black marble tables—with the same marble used on the walls—with simple and modern chairs topped with white cushions that contrast with the solemnity of the room’s decor.

Konsolos Istanbul: Fusion Cuisine in the City on Two Continents
The luxurious decor is enhanced by an extraordinary collection of art and antiques.

The restaurant lighting is a work of art in itself. It is imbued with a complex system of recessed lights that support the magnificent chandeliers in all the different salons. However, this rich environment would not be mean much to the discerning gourmands that frequent the place without the excellent menu proposed by the executive chef Mehmet Güler and sous chef Uğur Ekren. The restaurant offers a wonderful suite of small plates, allowing diners to savor various treats and appreciate the versatility and prowess of its kitchen.

The gastronomy at Konsolos has a clear Turkish identity, but with French influences, a booming trend we are seeing in international cuisine in recent years. And for those who want to enjoy a good, hand-crafted cocktail, the restaurant also offers a fantastic “Champagne Bar” with exquisite seasonal drinks and a broad selection of wines and spirits.

Istanbul is a city with a unique cultural diversity, which makes it the ideal place to find excellent restaurants. At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it has been a meeting point of cultures and trade that have brought a fine legacy of dining and sharing. Konsolos restaurant offers a delightful dining experience, betting on excellent service from an authentic and modern perspective.  ■

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