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Kamm & Son’s Ginseng Spirit, Dom Ruinart Rosé 2002 And Black Ivory Coffee: Delicacies For The Most Demanding Palates

J.M. Towers

A liqueur, champagne and coffee that stand out for their quality and unique features.

We bring you a new collection of delicious products for your enjoyment and satisfaction. They are the exquisite Kamm & Son’s Ginseng Spirit, the Dom Ruinart Rosé champagne and the 2002 Black Ivory exotic coffee. Review our vast selection of gourmet products.

Kamm & Son’s Ginseng Spirit
An outstanding natural mixture

For Discerning Palates

Kamm & Son’s is the brainchild of renowned London barman Alex Kammerling who, after many trials and a great deal of work, created a new kind of distillate: spirits that are not tied to any of the classical rules. The result is a blend of 45 botanical ingredients personally selected by Kammerling, including four different types of ginseng root, grapefruit peel and Manuka honey. With a unique flavor and a fresh, citrus scent with notes of anise and juniper, Kamm & Son’s Ginseng Spirit delivers its enormous versatility. The liqueur can be enjoyed in different ways: neat, in cocktails, as a substitute for other bitter spirits, or as an alternative to gin, thanks to the presence of various botanicals and juniper in its formula.

Champagne Dom Ruinart Rosé 2002
The finest bubbles

For Discerning Palates

Founded in 1729 in Reims, Ruinart is the oldest champagne producer in France. Its Rosé 2002 is an exquisite vintage made of 80 percent chardonnay and 20 percent pinot noir grapes. Dom Ruinart Rosé 2002 has an intense coral color, with delicate copper highlights and fine, persistent bubbles. With an intense aroma and complexity, this champagne boasts notes of exotic fruits (guava) and citrus (blood orange and cider), mixed with floral aromas (violet and rose), and a surprising hint of musk. The extraordinary richness of the 2002 vintage brings to the mouth a breadth and exceptional volume. On the palate, we detect its structure, flexibility and balance; a superb champagne for any celebration.

Black Ivory Coffee
The exoticism of Thailand

For Discerning Palates

The world’s most exotic coffee—perhaps the most expensive—is produced in northern Thailand. The process begins with selecting the best beans from the Thai Arab variety, collected in coffee plantations at altitudes of almost 5,000 feet. The seeds are fed to elephants in the area and subsequently picked —one by one— from their feces. The mahouts or elephant’s caregivers, carry out this job. Later, the beans are sun dried and roasted manually. The coffee’s distinctive flavor comes from the effect of the acids on the elephant`s stomach, which break the coffee proteins, providing an aroma and flavor that are full, original and unmistakable. The supply of Black Ivory coffee depends on the availability of grains, the elephants appetite, the amount of seeds destroyed by chewing and the ability of mahouts to collect intact grains. The high price of the product is, in part, due to the large amount of grains required to produce the final product: 72 lbs. of coffee beans yield only 3 pounds of the finished product. Eight percent of Black Ivory coffee sales are dedicated to financing the health of the elephants and providing free veterinarian care to all elephants in Thailand through the Asian Elephants Foundation of the Golden Triangle.

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