Jungfrau, Hillock, Doornkaat, Goldwasser And Schönauer Apfle: Famous, Original And Tasty German Liqueurs

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If you are looking to try new and exciting flavors, then these excellent German spirits are for you! Learn more in this short guide of four famous, original And tasty German liqueurs.

Germany produces more alcoholic beverages than most European countries. Their tradition of making tasty and delightful liqueurs dates back several centuries. We’d like to introduce you to some of the most famous, original and enjoyable German spirits.                   Jungfrau
                       Herbal “Schnapps”

German Liqueurs

This favorite liqueur is based on the mythical story of the Meyer brothers, who in 1811 became the first to reach the summit of the famous Jungfrau Mountain in Switzerland. They claimed to have obtained high energy from a tonic they prepared using specific herbs. Currently, Jungfrau is made by mixing over forty different ingredients, spices, herbs, roots and fruits, including their shells and flowers. Anise, bitter orange, and turmeric are also added to the brew to give a special kick. Jungfrau can be enjoyed with ice or used as a base ingredient for all kinds of drinks and cocktails.

                        A whiskey liqueur with honey and herbs

German Liqueurs

Located in the town of Sprockhövel, a mining enclave south of the Ruhr River basin, Habbel’s Destillerie & Brennerei produces several kinds of spirits. Some are very peculiar, such as the Hillock Whiskey, created from honey and herbs. It is made through a combination of the finest distillates of malt and whiskey and the best honey from the first spring flowers. The final mixture is completed with the addition of herbs from nearby meadows to create a unique beverage that delivers a distinctive and lingering taste.

                       Liqueur made with wheat and rye

German Liqueurs

Doornkaat is a classic German spirit produced since 1806 by the Doornkaat AG company in the town of Norden, East Frisia, Lower Saxony. Pure and crystalline, it is famous for its mild and aromatic flavor obtained from the distillation of high-quality wheat and rye. Doornkaat is one of the most famous spirits in Germany, as people love to toast with it during special occasions or enjoy a small glass after meals.

                       Herbal brandy

German Liqueurs

The origin of this liqueur dates back to 1598 and must be placed in the Polish city of Gdansk. Gdansk was occupied–at different times– by the Germans, who called it Danzig. During those times, the Goldwasser liquor was produced in Poland, but today all production is made in the German Der Lachs distillery. Goldwasser is a distillate whose ingredients include 22 karat gold chips and a mixture of star anise and medicinal herbs. It has a mild spicy taste, with hints of licorice, pepper, and some minty flavors.

                  Schönauer Apfle
                       Apple liqueur

German Liqueurs

A joyful combination of excellent apples and alcohols extracted from cereals results in this delightful apple liqueur that contains no colorings or flavorings, not even sugar. In the mouth, it immediately reveals flavors reminiscent of baked apples, cinnamon, and vanilla. It is a real treat and an emblem of the best German spirits. It is also recognized among the top brands of apple brandy. It can be taken neat, with ice, tonic water or in a variety of cocktails.

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