A New Scotch Whiskey With History: John Walkers & Sons Odyssey

Federico Tibytt

John Walker & Sons Odyssey, the first triple malt by Johnnie Walker, is presented in a deluxe edition as a tribute to its creator Sir Alexander Walker.

Johnnie Walker, the legendary makers of Scotch whisky, adds a new label to its list of recognized spirits: the John Walkers & Sons Odyssey, a perfect blend created by Sir Alexander Walker more than 85 years ago.Today, Johnnie Walker is the world’s leading whisky producer. With annual sales of over 120 million bottles, their products are offered in more than 200 countries worldwide. This success story began in 1825, when founder John Walker opened a small store in Kilmarknock, Scotland, where he also sold whisky elaborated with his own hands but, above all, with great passion.John Walkers & Sons Odyssey
Later, his eldest son, Alexander Walker, seeing the product’s potential, followed the lead in the production of spirits and, driven by a keen business sense, registered the brand, giving birth to the legend of “Johnnie Walker.”

Finally, the grandson of the famous label’s founder, philanthropist, master distiller and Knight of the British Empire Sir Alexander Walker, bequeathed a handwritten notebook in which he revealed, in detail, the magical alchemy that leads to the production of the exclusive malt blend.

With this background, Jim Beveridge, the current master distiller of the Johnnie Walker label, created this exquisite triple malt, carefully following the annotations that Sir Walker had left for posterity more than eight decades ago.

John Walkers & Sons Odyssey
In fact, the John Walkers & Sons Odyssey is the first spirit created by the firm from three different malts, all handpicked. This unique feature gives it the perfect balance of citrus flavors, soft creamy caramel and honey, a combination that defines its distinctive and unique character. Aged in European oak barrels, it has a deep, dark color, with an intense and pleasant aroma that stands out for its great body and soft and lingering finish on the palate.

“I looked for the three perfect whiskeys for John Walker & Sons Odyssey in several distilleries throughout Scotland,” says Beveridge. “The three malts I selected have the precise provenance and pedigree required to create the aromas, tastes, flavors and sensations that Sir Alexander intended when he created the original blend.”

The bottle of the John Walker & Sons Odyssey and its case are a tribute to its creator and his passion for sailing, with a legendary nautical bottle of Johnnie Walker Swing of 1932 serving as the inspiration for the presentation. Like a gyroscope, the new bottle can rotate 360 degrees within its case, always staying upright to prevent the precious content from being unsettled by movement.

John Walkers & Sons Odyssey
Initially, this unique blend was available only in Asia and some select markets in the world, but starting January 2014, the John Walker & Sons Odyssey will be on sale in the United States with a price of around $1,100.

This new Premium distillate from the Walker label is a symbol of the spirit of constant evolution and growth that characterizes the brand, always attached to a tradition of quality and respect for the product, which is the main legacy of John and Alexander Walker. As before, Johnnie Walker moves on.

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