Il Pagliaccio And Oliver Glowig: Roman Haute Cuisine

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Treat your senses to the endless bounty of the praiseworthy cuisine of the Italian capital at Michelin Star restaurants Il Pagliaccio And Oliver Glowig.

Treat your senses to the endless bounty of the praiseworthy cuisine of the Italian capital. We bring you two of the best gourmet restaurants, each awarded two Michelin stars for their good service and stellar menus. These establishments offer cuisine d’auteur, which according to renowned chef Juan Mari Arzak “is cooking as you feel, spontaneously.” In both restaurants, the chefs are inspired by the essence of Italy with some international influences. The result is authentic examples of haute cuisine that do not overlook the importance of traditional recipes.
Ristorante Il Pagliaccio
Il Pagliaccio and Oliver Glowig

Il Pagliaccio and Oliver Glowig
1. Interior view. 2. The dining area. 3. Creative interior design. 4. The wine cellar. 5. The kitchen. 6. Authentic Italian cuisine.

In the heart of Rome, on Via dei Banchi Vecchi 129, sophisticated gourmands find Il Pagliaccio, an exclusive, intimate restaurant with only eleven tables. Its sobriety is only interrupted by a delightful blend of modernity and tradition in its impeccable decor. The refined ambiance delivers a pleasant experience—in many levels—for guests looking for authentic Italian dining. At the helm of this perfect organization is Chef Anthony Genovese, born in France to Italian parents, whose curriculum includes stints in France, England, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. He arrived at Il Pagliaccio, in 2003. Genovese’s cooking style— nourished by multiple references and old traditions—is wholly Mediterranean, enhanced by refinement and originality. The chef’s culinary repertoire is expressed by a prolific fusion of schools and flavors. Although Il Pagliaccio offers a la carte dishes, it is preferable to rely on the expert advice of the chef and try any of his three degustation menus: the Lunch Menu with three dishes; Il Pagliaccio, which includes eight options; and a Circo di Sapori, an exuberant feast of 10 different recipes. When it comes to service, a team of young and experienced professionals show with discretion— but in an efficient and distinguished manner—the restaurant’s strengths and charm. The wine list, a selection of the world’s best appellations of origin, is cared for by sommelier Matthew Zappile.

Ristorante Oliver Glowig

Il Pagliaccio and Oliver Glowig
Il Pagliaccio and Oliver Glowig
1. Main dining room of the restaurant. 2. Lovely restaurant terrace.. 3. The formal dining room. 4. The restaurant serves a broad selection of wines. 5. Chef Oliver Glowig. 6. The chef places great emphasis on presentation.

In the elegant Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, a hotel located at Via Ulisse Aldrovandi 15, the renowned German Chef Oliver Glowig, opened his namesake restaurant in 2011. After just eight months in operation, the magnificent restaurant has already earned two well-deserved Michelin stars. Oliver Glowig’s cuisine—inspired by the pursuit of spectacular flavors—is based on continuous experimentation. The chef presents a suite of contrasts in his menu, which have enhanced his reputation as a rigorous innovator who pays the utmost attention to the quality of the ingredients he uses. Glowig often engages in the elaboration of dishes from Italian traditions of yore, with unique ingredients and local flavors. He uses alchemy to reinvent dishes, respecting the original components as the basis for their preparation. His two tasting menus–Aurora and Gloria–attest to his culinary imagination in sophisticated and daring personal preparations such as oysters with hazelnut praline, country chicken with mustard seeds and goose liver sauce, or veal with licorice, fennel and green apple. Glowig restaurant also offers a wide selection of fine wines to be paired with the chef’s creations. The service is attentive and diligent, and the elegant dining atmosphere is decorated with luxurious details, elements that contribute to making the restaurant a tempting proposal for discerning diners in search of excellent food. ■

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