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Bollinger Champagne has appeared in 13 James Bond films.

For the last 180 years, Maison Bollinger has been part of the history of the French region of Champagne, and its prestigious wines are widely praised by experts.

The firm established a partnership with the character James Bond, which has lasted more than 40 years. It began in the 1970s when Bollinger Champagne joined film producer Albert Broccoli, who was looking for a drink that would fit the canons of taste and impeccable style of agent 007.

Since then, Bollinger Champagne has appeared in 13 films of the successful series, including the recently released Spectre, starring British actor Daniel Craig.

To celebrate the world premiere of the film, Maison Bollinger launched two unique products: Bollinger Spectre Cristal Set 007 and Bollinger Spectre Limited Edition.

Bollinger Spectre Cristal Set 007
As a tribute to the film Spectre, the label created a single object that would express the level of refinement of 007. The brand teamed up with the ancient French company Saint-Louis Crystalworks—part of the Hermès group—which according to Jérôme Philipon, President of Champagne Bollinger “shares the same values of French excellence and high-quality standards.”

The resulting product is a genuine work of art created and designed by Eric Berthes, who devised a super-sized crystal champagne bucket whose base has inscribed a tribute to the iconic secret agent James Bond, while the top, made of tin, shows a logo that reads Bollinger 007 and a drawing of an octopus, the symbol of Spectre.

This beautiful champagne bucket comes with a magnum bottle of Bollinger RD 1988 champagne, whose organoleptic characteristics make it a masterpiece of balance, taste and elegance. Its long maturation gives it a unique aromatic complexity and lasting finish.

The Bollinger Spectre Cristal Set 007 is a limited edition wine cooler—only 307 numbered copies were produced, making it the desired object for collectors. Price: € 5,000 (about $5,500).

Bollinger Spectre Limited Edition
Presented in a black gift box designed by Carré Basset and able to keep the wine cold for two hours, this vintage was also inspired by the elegant style of Agent 007.

This rare 2009 vintage champagne is a limited edition and is made from the best pinot noir and chardonnay grapes in the region. One of its peculiarities is that it is aged in small old oak barrels so the contents will not pick up the taste of the wood; furthermore, it has a maturation period two times longer than normal.

This champagne boasts a deep golden color that shows its maturity and has refined and complex aromas of white flowers and citrus, with hints of vanilla, hazelnuts and breadcrumbs. In the palate, you perceive a perfect combination of candied fruits: plums, quince and honey, with a finish reminiscent of bitter orange.

Bollinger Spectre Limited Edition is the perfect drink for those who demand distinction and elegance. Price: €160 (around $180).

The palate is complex and fruity, with a pleasant, harmonious and balanced bitterness. This is a French-style sparkling wine that surprises for its outstanding organoleptic properties.

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