Graham’s Ne Oublie 1882 Tawny, 1940 Tokaji Aszú Eszencia Y Pedro Ximénez Reliquia Barbadillo: Some Of The Best Sweet Wines

J.M. Towers

We show you three of the most exceptional sweet wines found in today's international market.


The charms of a good sweet wine are hard to resist by virtue of their elegance and sophistication. They offer a unique aroma together with a suggestive, warm and velvety taste. Many famous persons in history have displayed a marked fondness for these wines; from William Shakespeare, Voltaire, and Queen Victoria of England, to Empress Sissi of Austria, Lord Byron and Winston Churchill. Here we present three jewels taken from most important appellations of origin in the world, producing the best sweet wines that can be found in the international market. They are unique creations that stand out, both for their quality and for their high price.

Graham’s Ne Oublie 1882 Tawny
WINERY: Graham’s // D.O.: Oporto (Portugal) // PRICE: $7,480

Best sweet wines

The Symington family, owners for generations of the Graham’s winery in Porto, has launched a limited edition of only 656 bottles of its most prestigious wine called Ne Oublie (Never Forget), which is aged in one of the barrels that remain from the time when their great-grandfather, Andrew James Symington, arrived in Portugal in 1882. This extraordinary wine of profound and intensely aromatic flavor has been bottled in a beautiful crystal decanter handcrafted by the Portuguese firm Cristal Atlantis, adorned with three silver bands, molded and engraved by the exclusive Scottish silverware house Hayward & Scott. The decanter is presented in a handmade box lined with the finest leathers by the famed London firm Smythson of Bond Street. This is an irresistibly sweet wine that can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by a good blue cheese.

1940 Tokaji Aszú Eszencia
WINERY: Crown Estates of Hungary // D.O.: Tokaji (Hungary) // PRICE: $1,794

Best sweet wines

If you mention the name Tokaji, you are talking about one of the best wines in the world. An perfect example of its superb quality is the 1940 Tokaji Aszú Eszencia, a wine aged for 75 years that delights with its perfect harmony and aromas of tobacco leaves, nuts, vanilla, orange peel, orange blossom and black chocolate. In the mouth, it surprises immediately for its lively freshness, balanced acidity and silky texture with flavors of caramel, rosemary honey, anise and vanilla. This is a surprising and exciting wine that is sure to please the most demanding palates.

Pedro Ximénez Reliquia Barbadillo
WINERY: Barbadillo // D.O.: Jerez (Spain) // PRICE: $975

Best sweet wines

Pedro Ximénez is a variety of Andalusian grapes grown in Jerez. They are used to make the famous sweet wines of the same name, which in the case of the Pedro Ximenez Reliquia Barbadillo becomes an enological experience not to be missed. It is aged in very old barrels that date back to 1921 and were part of the old Pedro Ximenez winery, owned by Don Antonio Barbadillo Ambrossy. This superb wine comes well protected in a distinguished and artistic decanter made of blown glass. With a deep mahogany color, its vanilla aromas and fine woods create in the mouth silky and warm sensations with hints of dried fruits such as walnuts, hazelnuts, and very ripe berries. It is an exquisite, exciting, balanced, majestic and unforgettable wine.

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