Party etiquette

Perfect Party Guest

Lara Shriftman

Follow these unspoken rules, and you will always be invited back every time.

Photo: Andrés Rodríguez / 123RF Stock Photo.

At a party, it is important that guests be mindful of certain guidelines, both spoken and unspoken.

When you are seated, look at the menu right away and decide what you are going to order before chatting up your dining companions. If your host is footing the bill, avoid ordering the most expensive dish on the list. And remember, no one wants to sit next to a food critic, so keep your complaints to yourself!

RSVP! Respond promptly to the invitation and then show up on time.

Don’t cancel at the last minute. If you absolutely must, be sure it’s a solid reason. Cancellations are a sure-fire way to get your name at the top of the blacklist.

Don’t ask if you can bring a date if the invite was addressed solely to you.

Don’t drink – or eat – too much.

Don’t move your place card or change your table assignment. The host seated you there for a reason, so go with it!

Never switch other people’s seats. If there are any empty seats, then fine, you can do so. Just check with the host first!.

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