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Glenfiddich’s Jewels: Collector’s Whiskeys

Federico Tibytt

Glenfiddich 1937, Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve and Glenfiddich 50 Year Old are three exclusive single malt whiskies produced by the Scottish distillery founded by the legendary William Grant.

Glenfiddich is one of the most exclusive Scottish whisky labels and has the distinction of being one of the few companies–in their category–that remains family-owned, after more than 125 years of history. Its founder, William Grant, carried out his dream of developing what he called “the best spirit of the valley.” With the help of his nine children (seven males and two females), the family built–by hand–their first distillery, dubbed Glenfiddich (or Deer Valley, in Scottish Gaelic). On Christmas night, 1887, the first production of its single malt came to light.

Throughout its history, the Grant family has respected and honored its founder’s philosophy, achieving the most awarded single malts in the history of the industry. Among its exclusive collection, the firm has launched several limited edition gems coveted by seasoned collectors. Some of them emerge in specialized auctions (seldom), and their prices reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Glenfiddich 1937


After 64 years of aging, it was bottled in a limited edition of 61 copies. This single malt whisky of intense color and complex aroma boasts hints of oak, chocolate, aromatic herbs, and coffee. In the mouth, it is smooth and has an intense finish. In 2012, a bottle of Glenfiddich 1937 reached a final price of $ 71,000 during an auction at Christie’s in London.

Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve


Janet Sheed Roberts was the last granddaughter of the distillery’s founder. A pivotal figure in the family history, her tenacity and conviction led her to become one of the first women in Scottish history to receive a law degree. During her long life—110 years—she was relevant to the growth and advance of the firm. As a tribute to this remarkable woman, the company produced a limited edition of only 11 bottles of one of its best vintages, with 55 years of aging. This exclusive single malt is golden in color, with subtle aromas of orange, violet, and toasted and smoked almonds. The palate is sweet, with hints of vanilla and a definite presence of oak. In its last appearance at auction, an avid collector from Atlanta, Georgia, United States, who paid $94,000 for it, acquired one of the eleven bottles of Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve.

Glenfiddich 50 Year Old


This is the second time Glenfiddich launches a limited edition of 50-year-old whisky from the combination of two vintages. Each of the 50 bottles is presented in a handmade wooden box, lined with embossed leather. This single malt, characterized by a golden amber color and a vibrant aroma, boasts hints of rose, violet, green tobacco, and smoke. In the mouth, it has a silky texture and a sweet and fruity taste that comes from the oak barrels where it was aged. The Glenfiddich 50 Year Old is available on the company’s official website for about $ 34.000 a bottle.

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