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Ginraw, Opihr Oriental Spiced And Voortrekker: New Premium Gins Worth Discovering

J.M. Towers

These three exclusive gins―Ginraw, Opihr Oriental Spiced, and Voortrekker―will make your next gin & tonic an unforgettable experience.

Gin is one of the most consumed spirits in the world. Thanks to the excellent new additions of botanicals and fruit ingredients, it is also the most prolific distillate since it can be produced in many different ways. From time to time new brands emerge to meet the demand of customers eager to delight in new flavors.

These are three exclusive gins that will make your next gin and tonic an unbeatable experience.

Catalan creativity

New Premium Gins

Ginraw is a premium Spanish gin produced in Barcelona by a creative group of experts consisting of a maître parfumeur, a mixologist, a chef, and sommelier. It boasts an attractive mix of Mediterranean botanicals like lemon, cedar and laurel, and other exotics such as kaffir lime leaves, black cardamom, cilantro seeds, and the essential juniper. Ginraw has a unique aroma and flavor with delicate hints of citrus, and floral notes–fresh and soft–complemented in the mouth with subtle elegance. It is full-bodied, spicy with a velvety feel and well-balanced freshness.

Opihr Oriental Spiced
English refinement

New Premium Gins

Joanne Moore, the master distiller at G & J Company, sought inspiration in the Spice Route to create Opihr Oriental Spiced. The name Opihr comes from a legendary region famous for its wealth during the reign of King Solomon. Although mentioned in the Bible, its exact location remains a mystery. All we know is King Salomon received shipments of precious stones, spices, ivory and gold from this mythical place. Ten botanical ingredients are used to make this gin, including Tellicherry pepper, Moroccan cilantro, and Indian cardamom, which are personally selected by Moore in their natural habitats. This gin pays tribute to the imperial past of the United Kingdom combining British tradition and oriental mysticism.

Dutch pioneering

New Premium Gins

Voortrekker is the Dutch word for pioneer, but the term also relates to the Dutch settlers in South Africa. Voortrekker claims the real origin of gin–contrary to popular belief—has its roots in Holland instead of England. It contains a mixture of eight botanical ingredients including Dutch juniper, vanilla, licorice and South-African oranges. Produced by a triple distillation in handmade copper stills, Voortrekker has a naturally soft and elegant orange color. In the nose and mouth, it reveals a predominance of fresh orange, notes of nutmeg and a complex, long and delightful finish.

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