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A special edition of Joselito Iberian ham, Dolce & Gabanna Magnum ice cream and Hatami´s spectacular pizzas in Steveston Pizza amaze for their exquisite presentation and great taste.

The world’s best food and beverages come together in our usual selection of carefully chosen products dedicated to gourmands who truly appreciate both the big and small surprises life has to offer. Read more about gastronomy.

Colección Joselito Premium
An Iberian ham with a cutting edge design

Gastronomic surprises

Joselito Premium Collection was created with the goal of bringing Iberian ham closer to the worlds of design, fashion and architecture. This sophisticated edition features, every year, a prominent representative of different artistic disciplines. Rafael Moneo, one of the world’s most prestigious architects, winner of the Pritzker Prize conceived the Joselito Premium Collection by Moneo. For the unsurpassed Joselito Ham Vintage 2004, cured during 82 months, the Spanish architect has designed a rib structure made of wood and covered with an elegant translucent veil, which— like a butterfly cocoon—creates the illusion of a silhouette illuminated by LED lights. This limited edition is also a piece of functional art because it can be used as a Nordic-style lamp known as the Chrysalis, which finds inspiration in the spire of a Gothic cathedral.

Magnum Dolce & Gabbana ice cream
A sweet and avant-garde union

Gastronomic surprises

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the famous ice cream maker Magnum has partnered with the Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana for a special commemorative edition. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have lent their talents and creativity to Magnum to create a delicious new flavor that combines rich, velvety vanilla ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate and crushed pistachios in the center, all wrapped in a soft white chocolate coating.

The ice cream comes in a box adorned with details of Sicilian orange blossoms, emerald green walnut plants and ripe, juicy red fruits, which serve as a background for an attractive Sicilian carriage. The inspiration for the limited edition ice cream came from Sicilian flavors and fragrances.

Hatami pizzas at Steveston Pizza
Canadian exclusivities

Gastronomic surprises

Steveston Pizza is located in the coastal city of Richmond in British Columbia, Canada, a restaurant to savor some of the most expensive gourmet pizzas in the world. The pizza featured in its menu under the name C6 and priced at $450, is generously stocked with lobster, Alaskan black cod and the best Russian Osetra caviar. However, the C7 is even more spectacular and more expensive: the Best of the Seas includes jumbo shrimp, lobster ratatouille, smoked rainbow trout and Russian caviar, all covered with Italian white truffle. The World’s largest caviar tin. Its price: $750. “They are not common pizzas for any Friday night,” says Nader Hatami, the owner of the pizzeria. “I added the ingredients and eventually priced them. People order them for special occasions and is a pleasure to serve them.”

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