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Gastronomic Gifts: Originality And Good Taste

J.M. Towers

Delightful gift ideas for a festive season.


If you want to share something different and unique this Holiday Season, you can surprise family and friends with some exclusive products from the world of haute gastronomy.

Cinco Jotas Golf Edition
Exceptional ham

Gastronomic Gifts

Discerning gourmands know the best ham in the world comes from Spain. Iberian bellota shoulder ham comes from an ancient hog breed, only found in the Iberian Peninsula and fed on a strict diet of acorns. Cinco Jotas is one of the most prestigious Spanish ham labels, and its products can be found worldwide, including the United States. For this Holidays, the company has introduced a beautifully delicate gift package: Cinco Jotas Golf Edition, a fabulous selection consisting of a delicious Iberian ham Cinco Jotas Puro de Bellota, accompanied by an outstanding knife from Zwilling J.A. Henckels, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality knives, whose design has been conceived for flawlessly carving this special ham. In addition, the knife is presented in an elegant case made with the finest black leather, a reference to real golf clubs bags, giving it a unique appeal as a gift for lovers of this sport.

Delicious Swiss chocolate with edible gold

Gastronomic Gifts

DeLafée is one of the most relevant chocolate firms in Switzerland, a country with a centuries-old tradition as a great producer of this sweet treat. The firm´s chocolates are always of the highest quality and their designs show exceptional beauty. Its crown jewel is the Golden Truffle, made with pure criollo cacao from Ecuador. This particular product is known for its elegant presentation, and because it features edible gold leaf. If you are looking for a luxury chocolate with a touch of distinction and great taste, this is an irresistible choice. The ganache cream in the Golden Truffle by DeLafee melts in your mouth, a marvel of taste, refinement and sophistication. It will let your loved ones know you have extraordinary good sense and judgment when it comes to choosing a present that says how much you care.

Balik Fillet Tsar Nikolaj
The best smoked salmon in the world

Gastronomic Gifts

Good smoked salmon is a luxury and an unparalleled pleasure, and Balik makes the best. It is smoked in Switzerland using hardwoods and a perfect balance of sugar and salt. The manufacturer continues the same traditional methods and formulas that provided this delicacy to the Russian Tsars. The salmon used to make Fillet Tsar Nikolaj is caught by hand in the Norwegian fjords at an altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level, in Ebersol, a small town nestled in the middle of a pristine landscape in the region of Toggenburg. The fresh salmon is analyzed a second time to verify their overall quality. Then it is prepared, deboned, and the best steaks are selected, spiced with salt and sugar, and smoked with secret techniques, which have been passed from generation to generation. Its extraordinary organoleptic characteristics also come from the crisp alpine air, the use of water from the company-owned spring, the quality of the wood and the meticulous craftsmanship of the professional staff. A state-or-the-art refrigeration network guarantees freshness, which extends to postal deliveries in a package developed and patented by the firm. Today, Fillet Tsar Nikolaj Balik, is synonymous with quality and prestige and is admired by many royal households worldwide.

Wyborowa Exquisite Wódka
Exquisite subtlety from Poland

Gastronomic Gifts

This is premium, luxury vodka is produced in the country that invented it: Poland. It maintains the original recipe dating from the 18th century, when this spirit was distilled in monasteries and private homes. A soft texture and spicy notes characterize Wyborowa, which means “exquisite” in Polish. It is produced only with rye grain of the highest quality and a triple distillation, which uses water from a very deep natural well. This brand was the first to be registered internationally. Since then, Wyborowa vodka has been awarded more than 20 gold medals and several titles at the most prestigious events in the world. Its clean transparency and delicate spices give it a perfumed floral scent that will delight the most demanding gourmands. Frank Gehry created the bottle that holds such distinguished elixir, a fusion of art and the highest Polish style. Gehry visited Poland, his mother’s homeland, in search of inspiration to create the unique bottle.

M from Macallan
Rare Whisky

Gastronomic Gifts

M from Macallan is a rare, delicate whisky from the Macallan distillery, founded in 1824 in Speyside, Scotland. It is made from the finest barley and left to mature for years in Old Spanish sherry oak barrels. This classic, elegant spirit is identified by 25 different hints of flavors, especially vanilla, notes that remind us of Port wine, brown sugar and dark chocolate, among others. Lalique’s renowned designer, Fabien Baron created the unique bottle, which will make an unforgettable gift. But beware: only 1,750 units will be available for sale this December, of which only 335 will be sold in the U.S.


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