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Gastronomic Delights: New International Treasures To Entice The Palate

J.M. Towers

This month we bring you creative chocolates from Britain, sheep's milk cheese from Spain, an exclusive gin and two premium beers from Italy.

More and more people are seduced by the many international culinary delights available at the world’s markets today. We present an unusual English chocolate, a gin from the past that belongs to the future, beers that could accompany the best dishes and a cheese that would satisfy the most selective gourmand. (Some of our previous recommendations: olive oil, handmade truffles, russian tea, australian beer…)

Choc Stars
A star-struck chocolate bar

International Culinary Treasures

Talent, creativity and excellent raw materials are the trademarks of the chocolate bars produced by the British brand Choc Stars. The images on the labels are photographs of pets that look like international celebrities. Thanks to Choc Stars, Lady Gaga, Audrey Hepburn, Justin Bieber, Karl Lagerfeld and even Queen Elizabeth II have abandoned their human likeness to become charming mascots.

Hendrick´s Quinetum Gin
The modernity of the past

International Culinary Treasures

Very effective in fighting the dreaded malaria, quinine has long been one of the essential ingredients in gin. After many years, it is used, once again, as an integral element of a premium gin created by the famous firm Hendrick’s in partnership with Lesley Gracie, a renowned master distiller. This spirit masterfully combines quinine with botanical extracts of lavender, orange blossom, wormwood and thistle, among other plants. The world’s best cocktail experts praise its virtues, served either in the form of gin and tonic, neat or as a component of many other combinations.

Adepta Black and Adepta White
Two exceptional beers

International Culinary Treasures

From Italy we get two low-fermented beers brewed by the firm Adepta: Adepta Black and Adepta White. Both are comparable to a fine wine or high quality champagne. Adepta Black is the ideal beer to accompany cheeses, white meats and game. It is made with 100 percent Pilsner Bavaria malt, Wyeast and spring water. Meanwhile, Adepta White is perfect as an aperitif, with seafood, sashimi and tempura vegetables. With a refreshing taste and light body, it delivers the perfect balance of malt and hops. Adepta production is limited to 23,000 bottles per year, each with a price of around $70.

Los Payuelos pecorino cheese
The unmistakable flavor of an award winning cheese

International Culinary Treasures

Sahelices de Payuelo, a small village in the province of León in Spain, produces a limited production artisan sheep’s milk cheese that stands out for its extreme delicacy and quality. It is made with fresh sheep milk and the molds are filled manually as has been done for centuries. It is matured in a cellar during 18 months, preserved with natural mold and coated with the best olive oil, which gives it a distinctive taste.

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