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Galician Orujo: The Spirit Of An Ancient Culture

J.M. Towers

Orujo is a white pomace brandy from Galicia that makes the ideal digestif after a sumptuous meal.

Orujo or pomace brandy is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the distillation of marc: the solid remains left after pressing the grapes for winemaking. Original to the Autonomous Community of Galicia, in Spain, this magnificent liqueur meets the quality standards of the Geographical Orujo Designation and the Traditional Liquors of Galicia.

White orujo from Galicia is a dense and transparent digestif ideal to finish any meal. If it is served after a coffee course, you can call it a pousse café. Great-tasting, exotic and magical, it is also used in the preparation of the traditional Galician queimadas; a kind of punch passed down through generations with a quasi-religious component. Review our selection of exclusive, rare and hard-to-find-spirits.

To make a good white orujo, it is essential to maintain control of the external energy input with exact timing during distillation, a slow an steady pace that will deliver the desired aromatic components. Here is a selection of our favorite orujos, a latent example of the atavistic Galician culture.

Orujo Blanco Pazo Señorans
PRODUCER: Bodegas Pazo Señorans (Pontevedra) // GRAPES: Albariño Orujos 100%

Galician Orujo

Crystalline and unctuous, its aroma is intense and straightforward and carries the characteristic features of the fragrant Albariño grape variety. On the palate, it is silky, balanced and lingering. A dense and aromatic white brandy with great personality and presentation.

Devanceiros Orujo de Galicia
PRODUCER: Destilería Novalicor Auria (Orense) // GRAPES: Varied Orujos

Galician Orujo

This bright and clear orujo is handcrafted without any extracts, colorants, flavorings or additives. The nose is reminiscent of ripe fruits such as pear or apple. In the mouth, it feels intense with a warm passage, nice finish and good persistence; elegant and enjoyable.

White Orujo Condes de Albarei
PRODUCER: Bodegas Condes de Albarei (Pontevedra) // GRAPES: Albariño Orujos 100%

Galician Orujo

This excellent orujo is colorless, bright and clear, aromatic and smooth. It boasts intense notes of apple and herbs with a touch of rose. On the palate, it delivers a pleasant feeling of warmth: silky, velvety, structured and voluminous.

Porta Do Miño Aguardiente de Galicia
PRODUCER: Bodegas Terras Gauda (Pontevedra) // GRAPES: Albariño Orujos 100%

Galician Orujo

Highly transparent and crystal clear, this orujo has persistent aromas of white fruits and citrus, which blend harmoniously with floral notes of rose, ending in subtle hints of Albariño grapes. Balanced in the mouth, it is fine, elegant and persistent.

Aguardiente Mosteiro de Xagoaza
PRODUCER: Bodegas Godeval (Orense) // GRAPES: Godello Orujos 100%

Galician Orujo

Colorless and crystalline, its fruity delicacy is immediately perceived as we encounter light touches of herbs in the background. In the palate, it is smooth, conveying balsamic flavors and hints of nuts; very nuanced, persistent, fragrant, and rounded.

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