For demanding palates

Exclusive Rums For Demanding Palates

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Select rums from Venezuela, Jamaica, Martinique, Panama and Colombia for those who want the very best in their glasses.

Rum, one of the most consumed spirits in the world, is an alcoholic beverage produced by the distillation of juice or molasses from sugar cane. The following rums are highly valued today in the international market. These are produced in countries such as Venezuela, Jamaica, Martinique, Panama and Colombia with a long and proven track record in the production of authentic rums. They are exclusive proposals created for those who want the very best in their glass. Review our selection of luxurious international spirits.

Ron Añejo Pampero Aniversario

Exclusive Rums

The Anniversario rum was born, in 1963, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Pampero brand. Since then it is one of the most appreciated Venezuelan premium rums. It has a yellow mahogany color with coppery highlights, and its aroma evokes sweet notes of chocolate, caramel and ripe fruits like plums and raisins—with a delicate touch of spice. On the palate, hints of fresh fruits such as dates and oranges stand out. It is a complex, robust and balanced rum suitable for demanding palates.

Wray & Nephew White Over Proof Rum

Exclusive Rums

This bright, crystal-clear rum is very fragrant and intense on the nose, with hints of fruit and wild mushrooms, and delicate spicy notes. In the mouth, it is balanced, unctuous, fatty, intensely warm and has a powerful passage. It is distinguished by its intense cane flavor as well as its strong aromatic personality.

Clément 10 Year Old Grande Réserve

Exclusive Rums

With a dark red coppery color, this extraordinary rum is especially noteworthy for its very balsamic aroma, highlighting notes of wood and raisins, as well as toasted and dried fruits such as hazelnuts and almonds. On the palate, it is dry, robust, sophisticated and elegant, with a honeyed and buttery passage, a great structure, and moderate warmth. It is an extremely seductive liquor that brings to mind hints of cocoa and roasted coffee.

Ron Abuelo Centuria 30 años

Exclusive Rums

The name of this rum comes from the Latin centum, meaning hundred. The Panamanian company Varela Hermanos celebrated its first century of rum tradition with this vintage. With a coppery amber color, its complex aroma is the result of the mixture of fine rums from older reserves, which have been aged in white oak barrels for 30 years. In the nose, it boasts scents of nuts and fine woods, as well as coffee and cocoa. In the mouth, it is pure perfection, with marked sensations of ripe fruit, honey and coffee. Its passage is remarkable, warm, balanced and exquisite. This rum lingers on the palate and in the memory.

Ron Maestro Gabo Reserva Especial

Exclusive Rums

The Liquor Factory of Antioquia, considered the leading liquor company of Colombia, created this rum in honor of one Colombia’s most illustrious sons, the late Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez. With a bright mahogany color, it offers remarkable aromas and flavors that evoke sweet ripe fruit, vanilla, nuts, spices and snuff. It is a premium product that celebrates the life of a distinguished man who always carried his beloved Colombia in his heart.

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