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The Eight and The Tasting Room: Two Michelin-Awarded Restaurants in Macao

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Two restaurants not to be missed in Macao, one specializing in French “cuisine du terroir,” while the other serves avant-garde Chinese that some consider the best in Asia.

On your next visit to this cosmopolitan Chinese city of Macao, after sightseeing be sure not to miss these two restaurants that have proven to be the best for azureazure:

The Eight and The Tasting Room

The former Portuguese possession of Macao in China, which until 1999 was the last European colony in Asia, is today one of the richest cities in the world, with the highest per capita income. There are a huge number of tourists who visit it every year to enjoy its casinos, its luxury hotels and a gastronomic promise that includes a wide range of Michelin awarded restaurants.


2/F Grand Lisboa, Macao, China

Located within the luxurious Lisbon hotel complex and awarded with three Michelin stars, The Eight is considered one of the best restaurants of avant-garde Chinese cuisine in Asia. Its elegant décor, ample spaces, careful service and a unique wine and champagne list, as well as the classic and creative touches from the talented chefs, make reserving a table at The Eight a difficult task, but this is inevitable in a city where billionaires count in the thousands.
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Dining at The Eight is to experience the finest Chinese cuisine: the menu is highly sophisticated and includes more than 50 types of dim sum as well as the best culinary examples of the Chinese regions of Guangdong and Huaiyang, which stand out from the others for their use of only the freshest ingredients and their beautiful presentation.

The most common ways to prepare the dishes include sautéing, steamed or mixed with various natural sauces made on the spot. The food is delicate and exquisite, light and healthy, with sophisticated aromas and very tempting presentations.

The menu at The Eight is varied, but no one should leave the restaurant without trying some of its best-known dishes: the “Roasted Duck in the style of Pei Pa” or the reinterpretation of the sweet and sour pork presented with a thin crust that, as you break it, reveals a perfectly spiced and very tasty pork cube in its interior.

Level 3, Crown Towers, Macao, China

In the City of Dreams, among a lavish network of casinos, hotels and luxury restaurants, you will find the Crown Towers, inside which lies The Tasting Room, a French gourmet restaurant, awarded with two Michelin stars and run by renowned chef Fabrice Vulin, a native of the Alpine city of Briançon.
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Vulin has always maintained the philosophy of cuisine du terroir close to his heart, letting his ingredients shine and achieving the perfect balance between flavors and textures so that the diner can enjoy the pleasures nature offers, from the expert hands of a great chef.

The Tasting Room is the meeting place for those who enjoy the impressive legacy that France has given to gastronomy. The restaurant stands out for its charming ambiance and excellent service, as well as its tasting menu, which includes wonders such as the North Sea shrimp cooked in a cassolette with an onion emulsion, and unrivaled desserts such as the Grand Marnier soufflé, among other culinary delicacies.  ■

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