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Dom Pérignon Rosé

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Of a coppery pink color with shades of amber and gold. That is how experts describe this brilliant, exquisite, and rare champagne.

Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy offered a scholarly opinion about Dom Perignon Rose Gold with an unusually poetic tone, in which he describes it as a pure liquid gem of a visually brilliant amber hue tinted pink by bubbles in the shape of small dots. On the nose, the aroma of malt rapidly evolves to fruit notes in a perfect state of maturation, wild strawberries and apricots, complemented with hints of smokiness. On the palate, the Pinot Noir character stands out with the taste of berries.
Dom Pérignon Rose GoldThe exquisite 1996 vintage is considered the pinnacle of this exclusive champagne that sells for $49,000 a bottle. That particular harvest produced an outstanding combination of fruits for the only 35 gold-plated bottles launched that year. However, some comfort can be found in the fact that each bottle contains six liters of exquisite nectar composed of 30% Chardonnay and 70% Pinot Noir.

The exquisite 1996 vintage is considered the pinnacle of this exclusive champagne that sells for $49,000 a bottle.

The year 1996 brought many contrasts to France— especially on the outskirts of Paris where their cellars are located— when the summer humidity failed to offset the previous drought. However, periods of high temperatures before harvest made possible an exceptional ripening of the fruit, giving it a delicate balance of power and acidity.

Jancis Robinson, the renowned wine expert and journalist, adviser to the cellar of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, defined the Dom Perignon Rose Gold as a stunning champagne.

Only white silk gloves

Each bottle of this coveted elixir is an excellent piece of art—beautiful in itself, treasured and highly collectible. The champagne comes in an extremely sensitive metal bottle plated with rose gold that requires that sommeliers use white silk gloves to open or pour the contents.
Dom Pérignon Rose Gold

The “house” of champagne

Dom Perignon Rose is produced by the French winery Moët et Chandon in Épernay, near Paris. There, in a region of rolling hills, limestone terroir and vineyards that expand towards the horizon, almost four centuries ago, Dom Pierre Perignon set out to make the best wine in the world. Perhaps that wish and the work of many years is reflected in the delicate synchronicity of amber, copper, orange and gold tones of the Dom Perignon Rosé Gold.  ■

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