beer and TEQUILA 

Desperados, To Cool The Summer Heat

J.M. Towers

If you like tequila and love beer, Desperados will not disappoint.

If you leave on the Northern Hemisphere, Summer has just arrived. Nothing is more appropriate to mitigate the impending heat than a cold premium beer with a twist. Desperados is a sensory experience that successfully combines the sweetness of good tequila and the superb bitterness of a full bodied, golden and refreshing lager, surrounded by the exotic imagery associated with tequila.


Desperados is rebellious in spirit, and departs from the conventional and traditional ways to enjoy a beer. It is especially enjoyable served very cold and drunk straight from the bottle.

The concept originated in France in 1995, but Heineken developed it in Amsterdam. It has rocked the market and found its way into the public’s preferences across continents. Two reasons have contributed to its success: its evocative blend of flavors and its iconic clear-glass-longed-necked bottle, simple tag and only prints on the glass that become its hallmark. Desperados is different from the rest in that it is bold, modern and audacious beer. It is distinctive and offbeat, urban and authentic, modern and cosmopolitan, the ideal drink to enjoy in the company of friends.

A constant feature in the nightlife circuit, Desperados appeals to those who seek different and new experiences. Its flavor is lingering, with foam that is ever present, and the tequila flows naturally and with elegance in a successful partnership with the smooth taste of a light beer.


Although Desperados is usually drank straight from the bottle, there are various ways of combining it with other ingredients for delicious results. Here, two recipes that will help alleviate the Summer heat:

Desperados + Tabasco = Baptism by Fire
Combine two measures (60 ml) of Desperados with two of Tabasco. Use an 80 ml glass to prevent the contents from spilling.

Cayenne pepper + Desperados = Forget the lemon!
Sprinkle your hand with a pinch of red pepper (or cayenne pepper), as you would with salt before taking a shot of tequila. Taste the pepper and immediately take a drink of Desperados.

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