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Delightful Gourmet Products Of The Highest Quality

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Four international gastronomic delights. Exclusive products considered the best in their class, created to satisfy the most demanding gourmands.

If you are one of those gourmands who make the most of life’s small pleasures, we are sure our recommendations will pleasantly surprise you. These four products are made with utmost care to please the most experienced epicureans. Other surprising gourmet products: absinthe, moose cheese, foie gras, Swedish caviar.

Kusmi Tea: 145th anniversary of the official tea of the Russian Tsars

Delightful Gourmet Products

To celebrate its first 145 years of history, Kusmi, the Russian tea firm based in Paris, presents The Kusmi Tea Collection, a stylish box of 15 containers with a selection of their best teas: the Wellness range (Detox, Sweet Love, Boost, Be Cool and Algotea green tea), an exclusive selection of Kusmi tea blends (Anastasia, Prince Vladimir and St. Petersburg), flavored green teas (Imperial Label, Rose Green, Jasmine Green, Spearmint Green, Ginger-Lemon Green) and black teas (Spicy Chocolate and Kashmir Tchai). The gift set includes 100 tea filter bags and a teaspoon engraved with the emblem of the legendary label.

Crown Ambassador Reserve 2013: The exclusive Australian beer

Delightful Gourmet Products

This exceptional Australian lager was launched in 2008, soon becoming the pioneer in a new style of luxury associated with beer. The Crown Ambassador, brewed by the firm Carlton & United, is aged in oak barrels for 12 months to be subsequently packaged in beautiful French champagne bottles. It boasts a beautiful golden color and intense foam, and on the palate it stands for its rich caramelized malt flavor with herbaceous and bittersweet nuances. The price? $90 per bottle.

L’Essence Year of the Horse: Courvoisier`s Memorial Cognac

Delightful Gourmet Products

Courvoisier is one of the major cognac houses in the world. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, the French firm has released L’Essence Year of the Horse, a limited edition of L’Essence de Courvoisier, which unites the traditional with the contemporary and represents both the heritage of the famous label and its future. On the palate, L’Essence Year of the Horse combines essences of licorice, dried plum and apricot, with a fine and fiery end of memorable intensity. Each bottle of this limited edition is priced at $3,500.

Maison Maille Mustard: The essence of France

Delightful Gourmet Products

Dijon mustard is one of the great contributions that France has made to international cuisine. La Maison Maille, founded in 1747, began to forge its story when it received the honor of being the official spice supplier to King Louis XV and other European royal courts including Russia, Prussia, Austria and Hungary. This year, Maison Maille launched a premium mustard prepared with French black truffles and the famous Chablis white wine from Burgundy. It is a tasty and elegant sauce ideal to complement scrambled eggs, meats and fish.

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