De Leest And De Librije: Michelin Star Restaurants That Shine In Holland

J.M. Towers

Two of the best Dutch restaurants receive three Michelin stars.

Every year, the French Michelin gastronomic guide “drops” its coveted stars around the world. Holland was one of the privileged countries in 2015. Awarded with three Michelin stars, the two restaurants reviewed below clearly show the richness, excellence and variety of Dutch cuisine.

De Leest
Kerkweg 1
/ 8171 VT Vaassen

Three Michelin Stars

Located in the town of Vaassen, province of Gelderland, De Leest is a haute cuisine restaurant that has managed to earn three Michelin stars in a period of 10 years thanks to its exceptional Gaelic-Dutch cuisine. The third star, which catapults any restaurant and its chef to the zenith of world cuisine, is fully justified by the taste, innovation, talent and knowledge demonstrated by Jacob Jan Boerma in every dish. In a cozy and relaxed venue, hostess Kim Veldman and her team keep everything under control, offering a friendly and charming atmosphere for their guests. We recommend ordering one of their tasting menus paired with some of the best wines in the world. Delicious small plates such as a foie cream with beet jelly and horseradish granite, or the ravioli with vegetables bring to the table an air of luxurious comfort food. For the main course, guests will find original, delicate and tasty dishes, such as the mackerel mousse—presented in the shape of an orange ball—with creamed peas and citrus gel. The natural and balanced desserts like the simple but delicious yogurt and basil sorbet are not to be missed.

De Librije
Broerenkerkplein 13-15
/ 8011 TW Zwolle

Three Michelin Stars

The former Dominican monastery De Librije was built in the late 15th century. The citizens of the city of Zwolle, a municipality located east of the Netherlands, originally donated 50,000 bricks to contribute to its foundation. In the 16th century, the Dominican brothers were expelled, and the building had all kinds of uses until finally it became the restaurant and luxury hotel De Librije. At the helm of this thriving catering business are Chef Jonnie Boer and his wife Therese, who have created a unique and pleasant environment. The famed chef offers a menu based on the finest regional produce, highlighted the by modern, innovative and surprising cooking techniques that have earned them three Michelin stars. In charge of the dining room and its lavish wine list is Thérèse, an expert hostess that captivates our attention when she talks about wines and spirits. The main room has an elegant atmosphere, with high ceilings and beautiful Gothic windows. The eight-course menu is highly recommended. It features four items selected by the client and the other four by the chef, creating an original, delicious and exciting menu. The restaurant has a large table inside the kitchen, from which guests can observe the cooks preparing the dishes they will enjoy.

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