Craft beers: For lovers of authentic foam

J.M. Towers

Made by independent breweries, many of them belonging to the Slow Food movement, which tries to recover the flavors of yesteryear, mixing centuries-old recipes with innovative proposals.

Craft beer, as its name suggests, is made by combining centuries-old recipes with innovative proposals in small independent breweries, and their producers usually belong to the Slow Food movement, adding to the global trend that attempts to retrieve the flavors of yesteryear.

Here are some arts and crafts-style beers of excellent quality which are manufactured in Spain, Ireland, Germany, Mexico and the United States.
Toro de Osborne

Craft beers

Osborne, the Spanish winemaker group, next to the signature brewer Premium Beers From Spain, presents Toro de Osborne, a craft-made beer of copper tone, with a lot of body and firm foam, which stands out for its peculiar aging techniques in oak barrels that previously contained sherry wine, which gives it softly roasted nuances and sweetness, which makes it the ideal beer to be enjoyed alone or accompanied by a good Italian Gorgonzola cheese, toasted bread and nuts.
Oyster Stout

Craft beers

In Dublin, The Porterhouse Company has a series of craft-made beers which stand out for their originality, Oyster Stout being the best-selling brand. Macerated with Irish oysters, this non-traditional Stout offers a curiously fresh, saline, mineral, bitter taste and exudes a powerful aroma. It s highly recommended that it be accompanied by fish soup or or seafood salad.

Craft beers

In a small factory located in Berlin, four young master brewers have created a beer by adding fruits, made by and for the pleasure of women. It is an offering that is hugely successful, velvety on the palate and has a pleasant citrus fruit, currants and pineapple flavor. For its brewing purposes new hops called Bavarian Tangerine with melon and mandarin flavors are used. It is a beer that goes down perfectly with goose or duck foie gras.
Tropical Ipa Kumukite

Craft beers

Los Cuentos de Puerto Vallarta brewery triumphs in the international market with its Tropical Beer, Ipa Kumukite, made with a secret blend of caramelized and toasted malts and four aromatic hops with fruity overtures. It is a tasty, fruity and refreshing beer perfect to be accompanied by Mexican style spicy dishes.
Founders Imperial Stout
United States

Craft beers

Founders Brewing Company, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a black beer with really smooth jet black shades, which is made with ten kinds of barley malt, but at the same time, it is complex, rich and full bodied. Its flavor is reminiscent to that of black chocolate coffee and wood. It is a beer that can be enjoyed in front of the fireplace, after a long day out playing winter sports.  ■

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