Cooking With Gold: Chef Adrianne’s Midas Touch

Discover the extravagant and delicious creations of Chef Adrianne Calvo and how she incorporates 24K gold as a main ingredient in her dishes.

Her flaming red hair immediately catches our attention as does her outlandishly creative and deviously delicious gourmet creations. And now, the celebrated and charismatic chef Adrianne Calvo bedazzles diners at her Miami eatery with appetizers, entrees and desserts glittering with 24K gold.

Cooking with Gold
Chef Adrianne Calvo

The young chef was born in Chicago to Cuban parents. Owner of Miami’s Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, which opened in 2007, Calvo has secured an impressive reputation in South Florida’s culinary scene and has turned her name into a symbol of gastronomic excellence. Author of multiple cookbooks and the recipient of multiple awards and accolades, the 33-year-old chef takes pride in being a culinary maverick, always on the lookout for outrageous and unexpected colors, tastes and mixtures to surprise her patrons.

Cooking with Gold
Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Without a doubt, the chef has garnered prestige and notoriety for her defiant proposals and abundant imagination. But her decision to use gold in her recipes is based on more than a desire to sprinkle a little eye candy onto her plates. “Gold has always been considered to be a mineral with medical and healing properties,” says the accomplished chef. “It’s been used for centuries to calm joint inflammation and arthritis, treat skin disorders, and improve overall health and wellness, so it seemed like a perfect ingredient to add to the mix.”

Cooking with Gold
Chef Adrianne features gold-themed dishes once every month during her restaurant’s “Dark Dining Nights”, a two-hour event where patrons heighten their senses by wearing blindfolds while enjoying a specially prepared multi-course gourmet meal.

Cooking with Gold
Dark Dining Nights.

“We’ll gradually be incorporating gold into our regular nightly specials so more of our diners can have the gold experience without wearing blindfolds,” explains Chef Adrianne who has incorporated the precious metal into her Steak tartare, pastas and some desserts. “We’ve even sprinkled it on kale, to make a Super Green,” she said. “With gold as an ingredient, the possibilities are endless.”

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