Colombian Aguardiente: The Delicate Legacy Of The Quechua

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Aguardiente Nectar Premium, Aguardiente Real 1493 and Puro Colombia Sugarless Aguardiente are three of the best spirits produced in Colombia.

According to the chronicles of Christopher Columbus’s voyages, when the famous navigator returned from the New World he brought back fantastic products—unknown in Europe—such as tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate and sugarcane, among others. In this great bounty, he also included a drink “with a bittersweet taste, which the Quechua Indians called guarapo.”Guarapo is an indigenous alcoholic infusion that eventually became–in Colombia–a tasty, warm and comforting distillate of great merit and quality, generically known as “aguardiente.” The alcohol used in its production is obtained from virgin honey, yeast, sugar and water, carefully selected products under strict control to achieve raw materials of excellent quality. Review our selection of exclusive liquors from all over the world.

These are three of the best aguardientes produced in Colombia: Aguardiente Néctar Premium, Aguardiente Real 1493 and the sugarless Aguardiente Puro Colombia.

Aguardiente Néctar Premium

Colombian Aguardiente

Produced by the Cundinamarca Liquor Company, it was expressly developed to celebrate the bicentennial of the Department that bears the same name and to pay tribute to the Colombian national drink, to its homeland and its people. Nectar Premium is a special edition with a more cosmopolitan and refined touch. The attractive design of the bottle features the first coat of arms used in the independent public network of Cundinamarca, in 1813. This clear spirit has sweet and refined aromas but no added sugar. Nectar Premium is distinguished for its extreme softness and exquisite sweet and spicy flavor. This premium product elevates aguardiente to a gourmet level, and should be enjoyed neat and with a good cigar.

Aguardiente Real 1493

Colombian Aguardiente

The Liquors and Spirits Factory of Antioquia manufactures and markets highly prized spirits in Colombia and abroad. Its Aguardiente Real 1493 is of the highest quality, made with extra pure alcohols, natural essences of anise, and water. It contains no sugar and rests for years in American oak barrels after being filtered with coconut activated carbons that provide the transparency and supreme quality that characterizes it. Aguardiente Real 1493 is especially noteworthy for its sophisticated aroma and unique flavor and comes in a luxurious glass bottle showing an engraved sugarcane and anise flower, two of its main ingredients. It should be enjoyed and savored slowly.

Puro Colombia Aguardiente Sugarless

Colombian Aguardiente

Industria Colombiana de Licores (ICL) produces sophisticated spirits such as its sugarless Puro Colombia Aguardiente, a liquor characterized by its excellent aroma and flavor, which has achieved great success in the domestic and international markets. Fully transparent with anise flavors and hints of honey and sugarcane, its spicy and sweet nuances are evident on the palate. The Puro Colombia sugarless aguardiente is well balanced, tasty and warm with an elegant, lingering finish. It is ideal for drinking neat or with black chocolate bonbons.

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