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Classic Mediterranean From Diverxo

Ana B. Remos

Sea flounder Roman style.

Sea Flounder Roman Style in Wok with palo cortado wine and crisp bacon ice cream

Egg yolk preparation
Cook the duck eggs, previously pickled (in some cases the egg is cooked before and then immersed in a solution of vinegar and spices) for 7 minutes. Cool and remove the yolks, chop them and let dry 48 hours. Cool them in chamber for 12 hours and grind them to a fine powder.

Palo Cortado spaghetti
Reduce a bottle of Palo Cortado wine to 1 cup, add 1 oz. vegetal gelatin and bring to a boil (let it boil for one minute). Pour into a spaghetti shaped mold.

A wine from the regions Marco de Jerez and Montilla-Moriles in Andalusia (Spain). It is a fortified wine with alcohol contents between 17 and 22 °. Its color is bright mahogany; the taste is dry to the palate with a hazelnut aroma.
It is available in health food stores. The most common version is made with agar-agar seaweed and it is very healthy.

Bacon Ice cream

2 lbs. smoked bacon
3 pints milk
1 oz. dextrose
2.5 oz. malto-dextrin
2.5 oz. procream
3 oz. glycerin

A white crystalline, odorless powder used as an additive in food products and beverages. It is easily found in supermarkets as a substitute for sugar.
This is the result of starch hydrolysis. It is sold in the form of a white powder consisting of a mixture of several glucose oligomers.
A product used to make ice cream.
You can find it in health food stores, but you must make sure it is pure. It is used to emulsify (mix) food that without this component would be difficult to combine. It is an additive that improves the quality and appearance of the food.

Brown the bacon in a skillet. Add it to the milk. Bring to a boil, let it stand for 10 minutes, grind, allow to infuse (stand) for an hour. Strain and add the rest of the ingredients, glycerin being the last one. Place in Pacojet and freeze.

This is a dynamic professional kitchen appliance, which makes it easy to prepare high quality dishes. It saves time and labor, and reduces food waste. Tens of thousands of chefs around the world rely on Pacojet to produce exquisite mousses, sauces and ice cream at the touch of a button.

Crispy Bacon
Cut 2 mm thick slices, dry between sheets of parchment paper and grind.
Mix with the ice cream before serving.

Black garlic
Grind 3.5 oz. peeled black garlic with 7 oz. cream. Add salt to taste.

Clean and remove the spine.

Heat 3.5 oz. olive oil in the wok. When it is hot, place the flounder skin side down for 5 seconds and remove. Cool the wok slightly and add 3.5 oz. olive oil, 1.5 oz. yolk powder, 1 tablespoon powdered chili pepper and salt.
Emulsify (mix) with a slotted spoon, at the same time increase the heat. Add the flounder flesh side up, and cover with the yolk mixture.

In the top left corner of the plate arrange 3 black garlic cloves with grated tangerine skin. Towards the right, diagonally, arrange the filet of flounder, the palo cortado spaghetti and crispy bacon ice cream, in that order.

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