Chilean Sparkling Wines: Precious Bubbles From The Curico Valley

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Echeverria Extra Brut, Cordillera Brut Pinot Noir, and Valdivieso Brut are examples of the high quality products from some of Chile's leading wineries.

From north to south, from the Limarí Valley to the Biobío region, through Cachapoal and the Central Valley, sparkling wines are produced all over Chile. However, with over 17, 000 hectares of vineyards and a mild Mediterranean climate, the central Curico Valley is the most prominent wine region in this South American nation.Recipients of important international awards, the sparkling wines from the Curico Valley are exported to different destinations such as England, Canada, Germany, China, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, France, USA, Japan and Brazil, among other countries. The selection that follows includes sparkling wines from some of the leading wineries of the Curico Valley.

Echeverría Extra Brut

Chilean Sparkling Wines

Viña Echeverría produces this remarkable bubbly, which in 2008 earned the recognition of Best Chilean sparkling wine produced in the traditional Champenoise method from the prestigious Chilean Sparkling Wine Guide. Made from chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, this wine remains in barrels for 18 months and is kept two more years in the bottle before going on the market. With a straw yellow color and excellent bubbles, it combines the aromas of peach and pineapple with notes of herbs and yeast. It is a complex and creamy wine, with a harmonious and balanced finish in the mouth. Echeverría Extra Brut is ideal with seafood platters, soft cheeses, and fruit pies, especially the classic apple strudel.

Cordillera Brut Pinot Noir

Chilean Sparkling Wines

One of the most important Spanish cellars, Bodegas Miguel Torres, owns a winery in the Curicó Valley, where it produces the excellent Cordillera Brut Pinot Noir. With a light golden color, this sparkling wine has an aroma that turns into a seductive sensation of fresh spring flowers. On the palate, it is silky, with a grand finale in the mouth, where the always-pleasant fruity notes of the pinot noir grapes unfold. This award-winning brut is specially crafted for lovers of harmonious and balanced flavors. Its taste can be particularly delightful when accompanied with smoked salmon, sushi, and fresh salads.

Valdivieso Brut

Chilean Sparkling Wines

Viña Valdivieso’s story dates back to 1879, when Don Alberto Valdivieso founded Champagne Valdivieso in the Curico Valley, the first company to produce champagne in Chile and all of South America. More than a century later, Valdivieso sparkling wines are internationally renowned for their high quality. Made with chardonnay, pinot noir and Semillon grapes, Valdivieso Brut boasts a bright yellow color with green hints and elegant, persistent bubbles. It is accented by fresh and fruity aromas of apples and toasted almonds, with lingering floral notes. In the mouth, you immediately perceive its fruity flavor and crisp acidity. Valdivieso Brut is a round and balanced wine to be enjoyed with a spoonful of Iranian caviar or an exquisite Belgian chocolate mousse.

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