The World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine – Château Margaux

J.M. Towers

Never has a wine this young reached such a retail price. If you want one of these coveted Balthazar Château Margaux 2009, the price is $195,000. Learn why here!

Château Margaux is one of the most prestigious wineries in the world. Located in Bordeaux, France, its wines are authentic and subtle works of art that can impress the most demanding palates. They have been present, for centuries, at the sumptuous banquets and celebrations of the major European monarchies. In the early 19th century, they were so highly appreciated they became mandatory in the personal cellar of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States.Château Margaux 2009There are peculiar anecdotes related to this winery. One of them involves Margaux Hemingway, granddaughter of the illustrious American writer, Ernest Hemingway. When she found out she was named after the wine her parents were drinking the night she was conceived, she changed the original spelling from “Margot” to “Margaux” to match.

Most Expensive Bottle of Wine

The winery has recently put up for sale a very special Balthazar Château Margaux 2009. Luxury retailer Le Clos is the exclusive global partner selected to offer the coveted bottles for a record price of $195,000, which makes it one of the most expensive wines in the world. The decision to place the Balthazar on display at the Le Clos store in Dubai International Airport is proving to be a success given the high traffic of affluent consumers who come in and out of the oil-rich Emirate.

Château Margaux 2009

It is true that, in recent years, there have been wines whose final price exceeded that of the Balthazar by Château Margaux 2009. However, we should clarify that such sales have been carried out at special public auctions of historical or very special vintages. Never to this day has a bottle of wine as young as this one (2009) commanded such a high retail price.

Everything about Château Margaux 2009 is spectacular. The 12-liter bottle is set in an impressive box made with the best oak, symbolizing the barrels resting at the winery’s centuries old cellars in Bordeaux. The letters on the label are lavishly engraved in gold by master goldsmiths.

This is the first time in the history of the famous winery that their product will be presented in a 12-liter bottle, also known as Balthazar. So far, six bottles have been produced, and only three are available for sale through Le Clos, which makes this a rare, exclusive wine and of course very expensive.

Château Margaux 2009

Château Margaux 2009 is considered one of the best vintages since the Mentzelopoulos family assumed ownership in 1977. It is a wine of wonderful concentration and finesse that owes its unique qualities to the excellent properties of the region and the passionate work of a succession of generations that continue to live in the land and care for its wines. This extraordinary vintage is the result of a combination of factors that rarely come together in the same wine: finesse, elegance, complexity, density, intensity, duration and freshness.

It is made with 87% cabernet sauvignon grapes and the rest are primarily merlot with small amounts of cabernet franc and petit verdot. Robert M. Parker, a world-renown wine expert, has referred to the Château Margaux 2009, as “rich, round, generous and unusually accessible for a young Margaux”. He has also stated, “it can be stored for 30 years, even longer, without losing its brilliant organoleptic properties”.

The lucky buyer will be invited to travel first class to Bordeaux for a private visit to the Château Margaux vineyards and cellars. Paul Pontallier, master oenologist and general manager of the firm, will lead the tour, which will end with a lavish feast featuring French cuisine and the best wines from the winery.


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