Trésors de Champagne – la boutique, Double Bubble and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong: Luxurious Champagne Bars

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Three distinguished and celebrated champagne bars you'll absolutely love.

Double Bubble

A Champagnerie is a business fully dedicated to all things related to French champagne. For many fans, they are authentic temples where tribute is paid to the most famous and exquisite wine, and where guests can taste the best vintages in an environment of glamor and sophistication.

We’d like to present to you three of the world’s unique and celebrated Champagne bars.

Trésors de Champagne Boutique

Trésors de Champagne Boutique

The first example is a mandatory stop in your visit to
Reims, in the Champagne region of France, the epicenter of the renowned bubbly elixir`s production.

At number 2 rue Olivier Metra oenophiles can find this famous Champagnerie that was born from the association of 28 champagne producing labels to showcase the overall excellence of their products.
The boutique shop offers more than 170 different champagnes and visitors can attend tastings, presentations, and even book a place for personal celebrations or corporate events.

The decor is modern and welcoming. From the ceiling hang hundreds of champagne bottles that provide information about the available varieties that could assist you in choosing the one that suits your preference.

Double Bubble

Double Bubble

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, at number 5 of the central Madách square, champagne lovers have a home at Doubble Bubble. With an elegant and suggestive decor featuring crystal chandeliers and golden silk wallpaper, this champagne bar boasts a wine list with exciting products imported from France.

Also, several TV screens show the terroirs and winemaking methods used in the Champagne region.There are also plenty of champagne bibliography available to costumers in the form of books and trade magazines.

The impressive wine list features interesting millésimes champagnes and vintages from brands as renowned as Taittinger, Roederer, and Krug, among others.

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong champagne bar

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong champagne bar

One of the best 5-star hotels in Hong Kong houses a
champagne bar that captures the elegance of Paris in the 1920s through its delicate art deco ambiance.

Its semicircular bar made of cedar wood and decorated with patterned fabrics, richly decorated carpets, and beautiful mirrors make it one of the most sophisticated places in town to enjoy a glass of the finest champagne.

The bar has one of the most complete wine lists of the world, featuring the best-known labels, as well as champagne produced by small wineries, that— for their delicacy and poise —deserve preferential treatment.

The elegant atmosphere, privacy, quality of its service, and comprehensive proposal make this champagne bar the ideal place for a romantic date after work, before going to the theater, or for a drink after dinner. Guests can always count on live jazz entertainment to accompany their bubbly.

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