Caviar Nacarii Premium, Baci Perugina, And Millésime 2010: Three Gourmet Products You Should Always Have At Hand

J.M. Towers

We review a Spanish caviar, chocolates from Italy, and champagne from France, unique products that will delight even the most demanding gourmands.


Three unique delicacies made with care and pride by their producers, high-quality food and beverages that will enhance your table with their intense and pleasant organoleptic properties.

Premium Nacarii Caviar
The delicious Spanish caviar

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Under the clean, translucent waters of the Garonne River, which crosses the majestic Val d’Aran in Spain—an area where nature overwhelms the visitor with its beauty— the Spanish firm Caviar Nacarii collects the caviar from sturgeons who dwell in the pure waters after the thawing. This caviar boasts great elegance and recognizable flavor, which is gradually finding more adherents. It is exported to the major European countries, and to Japan, UAE, USA—and surprisingly— also to Russia. Within its product line, the choicest, and also the most expensive, is the Nacarii Premium Caviar, which follows the usual salting process used in Russia (malossol). The roe—with a size of 3.5 mm—is extracted twice a year, in spring and autumn. The result is a unique limited edition caviar, unpasteurized to safeguard its aromas and flavors. Paired with a good cava, vintage champagne or a glass of very cold vodka, this caviar is a pure delight for the senses. Read about other exclusive caviars here.

Perugina Baci
The intense Italian flavor

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In this transalpine country people just love sweets. This fact is well known in Perugia, the capital of the Umbria region, where the most famous Italian chocolates are produced. We are talking about the Perugina Baci, made with high-quality chocolate and almonds, and crowned with delicious hazelnuts produced in the region. Almost 100 years of work distinguish this company, whose chocolates have brought them worldwide fame. They are the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day or a romantic date, perhaps because they include a message. Each chocolate comes wrapped in a small parchment on which is written an affectionate phrase followed by the word baci, which means kisses. Some will say they are not the most expensive chocolates in the world, but they are the most romantic, delicious, elegant and popular in Italy and many other corners of the planet.

Millésime 2010
The exclusive vintage by Champagne Devavry

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Champagne Bertrand Devavry is a small, prestigious label located in Champillon, Champagne-Ardenne, France. The family business has been successfully marketing its products since 1920. Within its wide range of champagnes, the distinguished Millésime 2010 stands out. It is made from 70% chardonnay, 20% pinot meunier and 10% pinot noir. With a bright yellow color, fine bubbles, concentrated and explosive fruity aroma and hints of pastry dough, its taste evokes nuts, raspberries and notes of yeast. It is pleasantly cool, with balanced acidity, long and easy palate, along with bittersweet touches. This champagne will be a surprisingly good complement for a plate of sushi. In 2014, Devavry`s Millésime 2010 won a Gold Medal from the accredited French guide, Gilbert & Gaillard. It is available in the usual size (75 cl.) and also in magnum size (1.5 liters).

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