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Casa De Alba Products

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Food of exceptional quality for those who want to experience the best Spanish cuisine.

The House of Alba is one of Spain’s oldest aristocratic families. For centuries, they have owned ancestral lands in various parts of the Iberian peninsula where they raise livestock and agricultural products strictly for family use.

Top: Livestock in Salamanca
Bottom Left: Casa de Alba Farm, Bottom Right: Casa de Alba Hacienda

However, times change, and the
House of Alba has decided to share their high-quality products with the general public. The “new” brand combines the experience and knowledge of yesteryear with the strict quality standards of the 21st century.

Don Carlos Fitz-James Stuart—current Duke of Alba—and Don Cayetano Martínez de Irujo—Duke of Arjona—founded the gourmet brand Casa de Alba in 2013 to serve a demanding public looking for excellence in their products.

This unique project—formed by a team of professionals—creates exceptional gastronomic delights for those in the market for the best authentic Spanish cuisine. The luxury label Casa de Alba offers extraordinary olive oils, Iberian pork products, craft beer, candies, beef, oranges and honey.

The brand’s extra virgin olive oil is a joint venture with the firm
Alcubilla 2000 from Cordoba. Their product is a complex and fruity oil, with notes of freshly cut grass, tomato, artichoke and green plantain.

As for the Iberian pork products, the Salamanca firm
Julián Martín has partnered with Casa de Alba in the preparation and distribution of ham, salami, chorizo and filet mignon.

An additional partnership was formed with
Cerveza MICA for the production of a premium beer using barley grown on their farms. The result is a golden, mild and well-balanced brew, a combination of the freshness of newly harvested grain and the aroma of oranges from the family’s farms in Seville.

Their cookies are also unique. Shaped like the coat of arms of the House of Alba, they are flavored with orange, lemon and cinnamon, and dipped in chocolate. They also make cookies filled with natural quince and orange.

Equally impressive is the company´s beef from cattle raised in their fields, as well as their high-quality honey that comes from hives in their farms in Andalusia and Castilla – Leon.

The House of Alba has just launched commemorative editions of two of its flagship products: the extra virgin olive oil and a special edition of their handmade cookies. The packaging shows the portrait
Riding Duchess by the artist Ignacio Zuloaga, one of the favorite portraits of the late Duchess of Alba, Doña Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart.

Casa de Alba is synonymous with products worthy of kings, now available for the most refined palates.

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