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Carpacci Robiola With Candied Fruit And Chocolate Caviar

Chef Fabio Morisi

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Carpacci Robiola with Candied Fruit and Chocolate Caviar
ORIGIN: Italy // AUTHOR: Fabio Morisi // DIFFICULTY: Easy // TIME: 8 minutes

Carpacci Robiola

2 oz. Fresh Robiola cheese
.3 oz. Icing sugar.
Candied fruits: orange, apricot, melon, ginger, grapefruit.
.3 oz. Fresh pistachio.
.1 oz. Chocolate caviar.
.1 oz Pistachio cream.
Fresh mint to taste.

This dessert of special flavors should be accompanied by cookies, ginger preferably. Here we go. First, we put the cheese in a glass bowl; we add sugar and mix until we achieve a delicate cream. Spread over a shallow dish and decorate with candied fruit. Right after, add the chocolate caviar, pistachios, pistachio cream and finally garnish with mint. Ready to serve. Natural Robiola can be served with blueberry jam (made from the best berries). Another version is to accompany the cheese with fig jam or onion..

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