Canadian Whiskies: Surprising Flavors

J.M. Towers

Canadian Club Sherry Cask, Crown Royal Maple Finished, and 18 Years Old Wiser's Canadian are three of the best and most famous whiskies produced in Canadian distilleries.

Scotland and Ireland do not hold a monopoly on the production of the world’s most outstanding whiskies. Other countries produce this noble distillate, and one of them is Canada, famous for its soft and delicate whisky made from malted grains such as rye, barley and corn. Whiskies from Canada are aged for at least three years in oak barrels.

Let us introduce you to three of the best Canadian whiskies: Canadian Club Sherry Cask, Crown Royal Maple Finished and Wiser’s Canadian Whisky 18 Years Old.

Canadian Club Sherry Cask

Canadian Whisky

Without a doubt, the most famous Canadian whisky distillery is Canadian Club, founded in 1858 in Walkerville, Ontario. An excellent example of the high quality of their product is the Canadian Club Sherry Cask. This flavorful and balanced whisky is made by aging small amounts of their best stock—for at least eight years—in oak barrels that previously contained exquisite Spanish Jerez wines. Canadian Club Sherry Cask has a deep bronze color, with aromas of Mediterranean fruit accompanied by an intense combination of toasted flavors and vanilla from the barrel that contained it. It has a full flavor, with the essence of dates and figs, as well as soft notes of toasted oak. Its finish is very pleasant, lingering, sweet and subtle.

Crown Royal Maple Finished

Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal is a distillery headquartered in Gimli, Manitoba. Their ample variety of whiskies is among the best sellers internationally. One of their most recent products is a whisky of exceptional taste: Crown Royal Maple Finished, a fusion of the brand’s traditional flavors with a hint of natural maple flavor. Aged in American oak barrels and presented in a semblance of a maple syrup bottle, it has an intense dark amber color. On the nose, the maple is immediately perceived, with touches of caramel and vanilla, and nuances from the oak barrel. In the mouth, the flavor of maple syrup is joined by caramel and vanilla and a touch of spices like pepper and cinnamon. The maple flavor lingers on the palate in a memorable finish.

Wiser’s 18 Years Old Canadian Whisky

Canadian Whisky

Corby Distilleries Limited produces their famous JP Wiser’s whiskies in Toronto. One of the most seductive in their vast range is Wiser’s 18 Years Old Canadian Whisky, a supreme quality distillate made from a mixture of different malted cereals. This whisky–aged in oak barrels for 18 years–has earned praise and accolades around the world. Its color is dark amber, with elegant aromas of oak, autumn flowers and hints of fresh pine. The palate suggests notes of baked apples, caramel and spices like nutmeg and vanilla, plus the oak from the barrels where it matured. It has a unique finish of silky texture, balanced, soft and lingering. This whisky is to enjoy from the first to the last sip.

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