Cachaça, Brazil’s Gift To The World

Cachaça is a Brazilian alcoholic beverage used in cocktails such as Between the Sheets, Mai Tai and the traditional "caipirinha." Learn more about this multi-use drink here and how it has evolved over time.

Cachaça is the most popular alcoholic beverage produced in Brazil. It is made from fermented sugar cane juice, which is later distilled. A fashionable ingredient used in cocktails and mixed drinks, Cachaça uses include Between the Sheets, Mai Tai and the traditional Caipirinha. See here Japanese Sake, peruvian pisco and mexican tequila.

Below are three of the best brands of cachaça that can be found in select liquor stores.

Sagatiba Preciosa


The Sagatiba company, located in São Paulo produces this limited edition cachaça considered one of the best in the world, for a price that can exceed $3,000 per bottle. Sagatiba Preciosa was distilled in 1982, matured until 2004 in European 19th-century oak barrels and then filtered and purified in order to correctly preserve its excellent aroma and taste. It is a full, balanced, and nuanced spirit with a golden amber color and unique qualities. Its aromas of caramel and vanilla—as well as balsamic hints of cinnamon and oak make it quite distinctive. The deep earthy flavor is balanced and elegant, reminiscent of good tequila. Those who have tried it say it defines the very essence of Brazil.

Mangaroca Cachaça Rotulo Preto


Cachaça Rotulo Preto is developed through a process that uses organic sugar cane, following a unique recipe by Mangaroca do Brazil Ltda. Before it is bottled, this elixir is refined through a particular diamond filter that makes it even finer, creating a product of the highest quality for a sophisticated clientele. Its aroma is permeated by floral notes, jams, and slight nuances of the oak barrels where it matured. On the palate, it is very balanced and smooth in texture, with a sweet and delicate presence of wood and nuts. The finish is intense and spicy. The best way to savor Cachaça Rotulo Preto and thoroughly enjoy its delicate, exclusive and unique aroma is to drink it straight and very cold.

Cachaça Leblon


The firm Maison Leblon produces Cachaça Leblon in its distillery located in Patos de Minas in the heart of Minas Gerais in Brazil, a beautiful place dotted with endless fields of sugar cane. Gilles Merlet, famous master distiller from the Cognac region in France, conveys to the Leblon Cachaça a superb French touch, as he produces small batches using a copper still and allows the resulting elixir to rest in barrels that had previously contained XO Cognac. Subsequently he mixes various batches that together create the perfect complexity of flavor, body and aroma. With a mild flavor, Leblon Cachaça, is one of the best in the market. Its high quality is credited with some of the most outstanding caipirinhas we’ve tasted. It has a fruity flavor with herbal notes, vanilla and pepper, and a surprisingly velvety finish.

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