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Burrata With Cherry Tomatoes And Breadsticks

Chef Fabio Morisi's in-house chef, Fabio Morisi, teaches us how to prepare a simple meal with one of the great delights of Italian cuisine.

Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes and Breadsticks
REGION: Puglia, Italy

 // TIME: 5 minutes

Recipe Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes and Breadsticks

Ingredients [Serve 1]
A piece of Burrata 9 oz.
Maldon salt to taste.
Mini Pachino Sicily tomatoes
Three leaves of fresh basil.
Extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
Chopped breadsticks


Burrata is one of the finest delicacies created in the Italian regions of Puglia and Molise. This delightful morsel accompanied with tomatoes and olive oil never disappoints. I am going to reveal how to enjoy this dish made with cream cheese, milk, salt, and rennet.


Remove the burrata from the fridge and place on a plate. Peel the tomatoes, place them on top of the cheese and sprinkle with salt and pepper as desired. Put the basil around the tomatoes. Sprinkle with chopped grissini breadsticks and season with oil. Ready to serve.
Vi buon cuore di desidero appetito!

What is the Burrata?

In just a few words, Burrata is a fresh cheese made with shredded mozzarella and cream in its center. It is covered with a layer of mozzarella that serves to support the creamy center; its bag shape and knot on the top distinguishes it from other cheeses. The burrata is traditionally handmade using fresh, raw cow’s milk. The cows that provide the milk utilized in the making of this product are mainly from the Italian Polonica and Bruna Alpina Pugliese varieties. The name burrata comes from the Italian word burro, butter. The name is appropriate for this fresh cheese that melts in your mouth, reminding you of the sweet taste and aroma of buttercream.

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