Tradition and Quality

British Beers: Tradition And Quality

J.M. Towers

Bombardier English Premium, Fuller’s Past Masters Double Stout, St. Peter´s Summer Ale, and Nut Brown Ale are some of the best bottle-beers out of Britain.

Beer is one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages. Its origins date back more than 6,000 years, when the Sumerians inhabited southern Mesopotamia. In their travels around the Mediterranean Sea, the Greeks introduced beer to the rest of Europe. The Gauls and Romans later perfected its processing techniques, and it was the Romans who brought the frothy drink to Britain.

England produces some of the best beers in the world, mostly the Ale type, highly fermented, full-bodied, with complex aromas and a fruity palate. Such is the case of the Mild Ale (very pale and slightly sweet); Bitter (very dry, with outstanding hops and low density); Pale Ale (amber-red color, with less hops than others in this range and very fruity); Brown Ale (dark, with significant presence of malt, dry and fruity); and Stout (a black highly fermented beer, dense, creamy and with a fruity acidity).

A visit to a quaint English pub to taste some pints served straight from the tap is a unique experience. And if you find yourself outside England, you have the option of buying these bottle-brands in gourmet shops around the world.

Bombardier English Premium Beer
Produced by Wells & Young’s Ltd.

British Beers

This beer is made with hops, high-quality malt, and pure natural mineral water. With proper body and foam, this Bitter has a strong flavor. It boasts a coppery tan color, bright and transparent, with a pronounced hop and dried fruit aroma. Its high malty taste, very pleasant and well balanced is outstanding.

Fuller’s Past Masters Double Stout
Produced by Fuller Smith & Turner PLC

British Beers

This strong and delightful Double Stout comes from an original recipe dating from 1893. Its main ingredient is supreme quality barley, carefully malted and dried the same way it was done in the 19th century. It is dark brown with thick foam, fruity aromas and smoky notes of coffee and bitter chocolate.

St. Peter´s Summer Ale
Produced by St. Peter’s

British Beers

This Pale Ale is specially brewed with high-quality malt and hops that give it a rich and powerful taste. Its color is straw yellow, and its flavor is a combination of sweet caramel and field herbs. The finish is soft, elegant and balanced. Designed to alleviate the sultriness of hot summer days, it is better when served very cold.

Nut Brown Ale
Produced by Samuel Smith’s

British Beers

Samuel Smith’s, the oldest brewery in Yorkshire, England, has been producing beer since 1758 with water from a well that is still in use today. To make their Nut Brown Ale, they use the best barley, malt, and aromatic hops. The resulting product is a dry beer, with intense dark color and flavors reminiscent of nuts and almonds.

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