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Fever-Tree Lemon Tonic, Artmuria Honey, Castaing Foie Gras And Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select: Gourmet Marvels

J.M. Towers

A selection of international gourmet delicacies.


The international market for exceptional gastronomic offerings is wide and varied. Here, we present four unique products for discerning gourmands. Here you’ll find a vast selection of gourmet products, restaurants, wines and recipes.

Fever-Tree Lemon
Premium tonic water

Amazing gourmet products

The British firm Fever Tree Limited produces tonic water that is particularly complimentary to the best alcoholic beverages. The ingredients are spring water, natural quinine and lemons from Sicily. The manufacturer extracts the essential oils from the lemon peels through a method called sfumatrice to brings forth their delicate flavor without adding artificial aromas, preservatives or stabilizers. The remnant of shredded lemon peels in every bottle is a testament to the natural freshness of this delightful tonic water.

A most luxurious honey

Amazing gourmet products

This high-quality honey has been produced for centuries in the Catalonian town of El Perello, in Spain. Mel Muria, one of the largest honey producers in the area, currently markets four types of gourmet honey–rosemary, orange, high mountain and forest. This honey with concentrated flavors and textures comes in beautifully designed luxury containers, turning this ancient bee product into a gourmet delicacy of international prestige.

Sinatra Select
A tribute to a great friendship

Amazing gourmet products

Jack Daniel’s, the legendary whiskey brand from Tennessee, United States, sells a premium distillate under the moniker Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select. It is a tribute to the loyalty expressed by the famous entertainer Frank Sinatra towards the brand he favored for over half a century. This spirit is a classic expression of style and a heartfelt homage to two American icons. Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select matures in American oak barrels. The deep grooves inside the barrels allow the whiskey to be in contact with additional layers of oak. The results is a unique, intense, smoky flavor, rich amber color, timeless character and exceptional smoothness with a light touch of vanilla. Review our selection of outstanding burbons.

An exceptional ‘foie gras.’

Amazing gourmet products

Foie gras is an integral part of the French culinary heritage. Castaing, a firm located in the charming village of Coudures, has been producing superb foie gras for over a century. Their foie is available at some of the world’s best restaurants. A portion of Castaing foie gras— accompanied by a thin slice of toasted white bread— delivers an incomparable flavor you will not forget easily.

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