Bareiss: Three Well Deserved Michelin Stars in the Black Forest

J.M. Towers

Chef Claus-PeterLumpp, maître Thomas Brandt, and sommelier Jürgen Fendt, are the hands and brains behind this exclusive 8-seat restaurant.

Bareiss Restaurant, home to Chef Claus-Peter Lumpp’s meticulous creations, boasts three Michelin stars. It is one of Germany’s most prestigious restaurants. Located inside the hotel of the same name, it stands in the town of Baiersbronn-Mitteltal Schwarzwald, in Germany’s Black Forest.

Adding to the restaurant’s prestige and reputation, we should mention the expertise of Thomas Brandt as maître, and the knowledge of award winning sommelier Jürgen Fendt, always ready to offer their recommendations. The incredibly talented staff is always prepared to fulfill their clients wishes.

Fendt owns a vineyard, where the Bareiss trainees learn and gain valuable experience— first hand— in the field of viticulture.

During his youth, Claus-Peter Lumpp— a celebrity in Germany—studied at the school of French chef Alain Ducasse, and immediately stood out for its professionalism and talent.

What he learned throughout his years of studies helped him become a chef that masterfully combines elegance and quality. Seasonal products are at the heart of the chef’s creations.

Interestingly, Lumpp worked as a chef at Bareiss after completing his studies and, years later, in 1992, he returned to take the helm of the restaurant, getting his third Michelin star in 2007.

’s classic culinary style has a strong and identifiable French influence that can be experienced in the flavors, colors, combinations, cooking methods that come to the table with a remarkable and delightful harmony.

The dining room, perfectly managed by Tomas Brand, has an excellent and opulent décor, and still feels intimate because it has only eight tables. The main point of attraction is an enormous vase of flowers located in the center the room.

At Bareiss, it is easy to become immersed in a different world of serenity and calm, as silence is the restaurant’s trademark. The crockery, cutlery, china and glassware are of exceptional beauty and good taste.

The culinary offer is a world of sensations in its various tasting menus. Among the masterfully prepared dishes, the monkfish au gratin with salad, endive, pine nuts, and sweet vinegar vinaigrette is a standout. The goose liver terrine scallops au gratin with a chives and imperial caviar cream— a spectacular treat—and the wonderful turbot with fried bread and truffle butter is unforgettable.

Great desserts and an excellent selection of German spirits and French champagnes will be a perfect crowning touch for a splendid dinner at Bareiss Restaurant in the Black Forest, one of the most beautiful, lush and captivating natural areas in Central Europe.

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