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Art In A Bottle: Unique Designs

J.M. Towers

Exclusive and elegant bottles for wine and spirits created by brilliant artists, architects and fashion designers such as Fernando Botero, Jeff Koons, Hiroya Tanaka and Roberto Cavalli.

Many of the most exclusive global brands are increasingly working to turn their products into objects of worship. In a broadening international market, one of the most interesting trends is finding new ways to package their offers. Although these products enjoy great reputation, a new exterior appearance can make a big difference for loyal followers and new costumers.

Repackaging classic products is not a new concept. Renewal and adaptation to the times often result in admirable marketing efforts. Some of the latest examples include bottles for wines and spirits, true works of art, designed by celebrated artists, architects and fashion designers. The proceeds of some of these new items will go to help artists and institutions in the developing world.

Jaime I from Bodegas Torres
Hiroya Tanaka and his superb tribute to Gaudí

Art in a Bottle

The famous Japanese architect Hiroya Tanaka, considered an authority on the work of the great Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí, was selected by the Spanish firm Bodegas Torres to design the Jaime I brandy bottle, which was chosen, by the company, to celebrate its 125th anniversary, and to pay tribute to its founder Jaime Torres Vendrell, who began his career at the time when Gaudí was creating some of his greatest works. Casa Milà, also known as “La Pedrera“, is the most representative building of Gaudí´s modernist period in Barcelona. It was the inspiration for Tanaka‘s original and elegant project. The stylish bottle mirrors one Casa Milás beautiful skylights.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Love for women

Art in a Bottle

Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli has transformed the first super premium vodka, made exclusively in Italy, into a work of art that pays tribute to the feminine universe. The design of the bottle, its color and its suggestive, seductive and captivating shape, represents the quintessence of today’s woman—modern, feminine, delicate and subtle—emblems of the Cavalli luxury empire. Roberto Cavalli Vodka was originally marketed only in the United States, but now it is entering the European market with considerable success. Cavalli himself defines it as: “fire and water united in a single element.”

Dom Pérignon & Jeff Koons
The exceptional fusion of two myths

Art in a Bottle

Dom Pérignon presents a limited edition of exceptional vintage champagnes with a case and bottle designed for the occasion by American artist Jeff Koons, known for his monumental and sometimes controversial creations. Venus Balloon for Dom Pérignon, a replica of his original Venus Balloon, currently on display at the Gagosian Gallery in Manhattan, is a miniature sculpture containing a bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2004 and Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2003. The fuchsia and yellow colors on the labels are hallmarks of Koons’ work.

Maestro Botero Rum
The genius of a great painter

Art in a Bottle

Antioch Liquor Factory has produced a fantastic rum, aged for 15 years and packaged in a stunning bottle designed by the great Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The company has also announced that proceeds from its sales will be donated to museums in the city of Medellin. The thick, voluminous shape of the bottle of Maestro Botero Reserva Rum is reminiscent of the full-bodied, sensual figures that characterize Botero’s oeuvre. It is also slightly asymmetrical and on its label appears a reproduction of Men Drinking, a 2011 painting that has never been exhibited and is part of the artist´s private collection.

Moschino Loves Disaronno
Partners for a good cause

Art in a Bottle

Italian brand Moschino has partnered with Disaronno, one of Italy’s most representative spirits, to design a bottle and a box that follow the style of the fashion house with its classic heart pattern in a bold black and red palette. This limited edition combines Moschino‘s distinctive characteristics with the unmistakable silhouette of the Disaronno bottle. A portion of the proceeds from Moschino Loves Disaronno will be donated to the humanitarian organization Fashion for Development (F4D) to support the work of talented fashion designers in the African continent.

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