Culinary Traditions

A Gastronomic Visit to Andorra

J.M. Towers

Andorra boasts a large number of restaurants where you can savor traditional dishes made with local, high-quality products.

L’Era d’en Jaume

The independent Principality of Andorra, that small and idyllic country situated between France and Spain—in the Pyrenees Mountains—boasts a broad variety of exciting tourism options, as well as an attractive culinary tradition that combines the best of the Spanish and French cuisines.

Andorra has a large number of restaurants where you can taste exquisite traditional dishes influenced by the flavors of modern cuisine, prepared with high-quality local products, and accompanied by excellent French, Spanish, and Andorran wines.

Casa Canut

Without a doubt, a culinary visit to this small country should start at the famous
bordas, the old houses built in the high mountains, which have been converted into cozy restaurants that offer hearty traditional dishes featuring mushrooms, goat meat, truffles, cheese, jams, and sausages, among other local products.

Borda Xica
and Borda Raubert, located in La Massana, northwest of the country, are two good examples of a centuries-old gastronomic tradition. Both restaurants offer dishes as succulent as the oollo casserole with boletus (a type of mushroom), Fricandó with snails, or the tasty garlic soup that helps comfort body and spirit in the cold, snowy days.

Casa Canut

The beautiful medieval town in the village of
Llorts in the parish of Ordino is home to the traditional restaurant L’Era d’en Jaume—housed inside an ancient restored borda once was used to store grass and grains. The restaurant is an excellent place to experience the best home cooking in Andorra. Their delicious grilled or pickled partridge and the magnificent oxtail stew are superlative, and don’t forget to try their homemade desserts such as crème brûlée.

But undoubtedly, the greatest number of high-end restaurants are located in
Andorra La Vella, the capital city. Inside the luxurious Plaza Hotel, you’ll find La Cupula Restaurant, led by the renowned chef Sergi Jerome, who trained in Paris with the great Dominique Bouchet. He offers a broad range of signature dishes in an environment of elegance and sophistication.

Interior of a borda

At the prestigious 5-star Andorra Park Hotel—located in a residential area of the Andorran capital—
És Andorra is a restaurant with signature cuisine in an exclusive served in a classic atmosphere.

Casa Canut—a downtown five-star gastronomic hotel—also boasts two excellent restaurants:
La Grandalla dels Set Pètals, and La Barra del Canut. Chef Ramon Canut specializes in dishes with fresh fish and seafood of the best quality, served in a pleasant and relaxing environment.

To learn more about the country’s products, visit the
Marquet Gourmeterie, an exclusive delicatessen store and restaurant offering gourmet products since 1974. This is a perfect place to buy excellent cheeses and wines and enjoy a selection of delicious sausages made by the Joselito firm, accompanied by a fine French Bordeaux or a Spanish Rioja.

Plate from La Cupula

And if you are a fan of pizzas, we recommend a very particular kind, made by the French chef
Didier Amalric in his small restaurant L’Escenari de Pizzes. His gourmet pizzas are made with organic products and ingredients such as foie gras, beef carpaccio, Reblochon cheese, poppy seeds, coconut cream, Bayonne ham, or distilled tequila, among other unique elements.

This is Andorra: a jewel, both for its beautiful setting as for its excellent cuisine.

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