Classic Italian liqueur

Amaretto: A Magic Combination Of Sweet And Sour Flavors

J.M. Towers

Discover three exceptional Italian amarettos: Amaretto di Toscana, Gozio and Disaronno Originale by Versace in this short gastronomical guide.

Originally from Saronno, a small town near Milan, amaretto, much more than a liqueur, is an Italian institution. It contains alcohol, sugar and the essence of aromatic plants and fruits, combining the sweetness of apricot and a touch of bitter almonds.It is said that amaretto was discovered in 1525. The story began when artist Bernardino Luini, a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci, was commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna dei Miracoli (Lady of Miracles) in Saronno. The famed artist asked the beautiful daughter of the owner of the inn where he was staying to pose for him. She fell in love with the painter and, in gratitude, prepared him a drink with bitter almonds, herbs, and fruits from her garden. Bernardino, captivated by such show of affection, made the liqueur famous throughout Italy. Review our selection of wines and spirits from around the world.

The following are three exceptional Italian amarettos: Amaretto di Toscana, Amaretto Gozio and Disaronno Originale by Versace.

Amaretto di Toscana


Keepers of a tradition of quality and passion, Gabriello Santoni is an Italian company known for producing a broad range of highly prized liqueurs and spirits. One of their star products, Amaretto Di Toscana, is made using an ancient recipe, which combines the best almond oils with carefully chosen herbs. Transparent in color, with pink hues, this exemplary spirit has a delicate sweet and sour flavor with an almond aftertaste.

Amaretto Gozio


Founded in 1901 by Luigi Gozio in Gussago, Lombardy, the Franciacorta distillery produces the superb amaretto Gozio. Amaretto Gozio is created using the finest natural ingredients: alcohol, burnt sugar and pure essence of select fruits imported from four continents. Only the best bitter almonds make it to this recipe. Unlike other products, amaretto Gozio is one hundred percent natural, with no artificial flavors, extracts or additives.

Disaronno Originale by Versace

Disaronno is world famous for its amaretto. The company claims its original formula has not changed since the 16th century. It features an infusion of apricot oil with distilled alcohol, burnt sugar and pure essence of seventeen herbs and fruits. Disaronno Originale is traditionally served in an oblong glass decanter designed by Murano craftsmen. The latest edition of Disaronno Originale comes in a bottle designed by the Versace firm, which created a blue and gold container to extol the essence of the liqueur and the glamor of the iconic fashion brand. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this particular product will go to Fashion 4 Development, a nonprofit organization.

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