Alexandria Muscat: Sweet And Aromatic Mediterranean Wines

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Floralis Moscatel Oro, Fusta Nova Moscatel, Cristal-lí and Dulce de Estrella de Murviedro are Spanish Muscat wines highly recognized and appreciated for their aroma and flavor. Learn more here!

The region of the Mediterranean that covers the south coast of Spain produces remarkably sweet and aromatic wines of extraordinary freshness made with white grapes of the Alexandria muscatel variety. Original of North Africa, the Muscat grape is a thick, meaty and sweet fruit that requires a warm climate to achieve optimum quality. It was used by the ancient Egyptians to make sweet wines and, later, the Greeks and Romans introduced it to rest the known world.Here are four renowned Spanish Muscat wines that have been very successful in international wine competitions. Review our selection of fine wines and spirits. Floralis Moscatel Oro
WINERY: Bodegas Torres // ZONE: Catalonia // GRAPES: 100% Alexandria muscatel
Alexandria Muscat

This liqueur from Bodegas Torres has a recognizable flavor characteristic of muscatel, with enticing floral notes of roses, geraniums, mint, and honey. In the mouth, it is voluptuous and concentrated, yet lightweight, balanced, persistent and decidedly sensual. It is an excellent complement to cheese, foie gras, puddings, and nuts.

Fusta Nova Moscatel
WINERY: Bodegas Vicente Gandía // ZONE: Valencia // GRAPES: 100% Alexandria muscatel

Alexandria Muscat

Fusta Nova Moscatel has a bright golden yellow color. Closer to the nose, it reveals aromas of citrus and honey, with notes of the toasted barrels where it matured. The palate is gentle, elegant with excellent acidity and a smooth sweetness. This wine from Bodegas Vicente Gandia is ideally suited to accompany cream cheese, apple pies, or fruits like pear, lychee, and peach.

WINERY: Vins del Comtat // ZONE: Alicante // GRAPES: 100% Alexandria muscatel

Alexandria Muscat

Pale yellow in color, it boasts aromas of exotic fruits such as lychee and pineapple, with hints of citrus, quince, grapefruit, and figs. On the palate, one perceives suggestive floral notes. Cristal-lí, from the Vins del Comtat winery, has a fresh, smooth and balanced sweetness. It is perfect to enjoy with a fruit salad or vanilla ice cream, cream or mascarpone.

Dulce de Estrella de Murviedro
WINERY: Murviedro // ZONE: Valencia // GRAPES: 100% Alexandria muscatel

Alexandria Muscat

It shows a dazzling pale golden color with greenish highlights. Its aroma is powerful and intense with hints of orange peel and lychees. In the mouth, one appreciates the virtues of a light, tasty, sweet and very refreshing wine. Dulce de Estrella de Murviedro pairs well with any appetizer, as well as all kinds of sweets and sophisticated dishes made with foie. We recommend to drink it very cold.

Casta Diva Reserva Real
WINERY: Gutiérrez de la Vega // ZONE: Alicante // GRAPES: 100% Alexandria muscatel

Alexandria Muscat

Casta Diva Reserva Real comes from the 2002 vintage used for the Casta Diva Honey Harvest, an excellent sweet wine of intense and Mediterranean aromas. It has a dark amber color, due to his long aging in barrels. It has scents and flavors of toasted almonds, candy, and pastries. In the mouth, it is a marvel of freshness and finesse. Perfect to accompany sweet dishes and cheeses, this is a wine of kings. Casta Diva Real Reserva, from Bodegas Gutiérrez de la Vega, was the vintage served during the wedding feast of the current King of Spain Felipe VI.

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