Recipe from Chef Fabio Morisi

Ajo Blanco With Caramelized Melon

Chef Fabio Morisi

A delightful dish from Andalusia, one of Spain's warmer regions.'s in house chef, Fabio Morisi, teaches us how to prepare it with this simple and refreshing recipe.

Ajo Blanco with Caramelized Melon
ORIGIN: Andalusia, Spain

Recipe White Garlic with Caramelized Melon

14 oz. whole peeled and unroasted almonds.

One peeled garlic clove.
9 oz. breadcrumbs.

3 Tbs. olive oil with acidity 0.4.

About 6 cups of water.
1 oz. balsamic vinegar.

A pinch of Salt.

Diced fresh melon to taste.

Fresh mint: one leave per serving.

This simple recipe is ideal for the hot summer months. Ajo Blanco—or White Garlic—is a famous Spanish cold soup typical of Granada and Malaga. The first step is to soak the bread in very cold water. Place the almonds with the garlic and a little cold water in a container and mix well. Add the breadcrumbs, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and continue mixing. Finally, we just add the necessary water, season with salt ant let the mixture rest in the fridge. Once the melon is diced and cleaned, we heat it a shallow pan (without oil) until it begins to caramelize. Place it on the bottom of the plate and garnish with fresh mint, pour the white garlic.. and ready. Another option is to take it with Serrano ham cut into sheets or peeled and seedless grapes.

 Ciao e buon appetito.

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