Vhernier: Artistic Jewels with Bold Designs

Patricia Abaroa

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the Italian firm opens a new boutique in Miami's flourishing Design District, where they will offer exquisite jewels for him and her.

Founded in Valenza, Italy in 1984, the jewelry firm Vhernier began as a jeweler’s workshop. Influenced by modern art, each unique, hand-made piece is an experiment in proportion, fluidity and shape, created by Italian craftsmen with vast knowledge of gems, cuts, materials and traditional techniques. In 2001, Carlo Traglio became president of Vhernier and further developed the fashion-forward luxury line while staying true to history and tradition. Today, the firm has a fashionable following, including actresses Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel and Angelina Jolie.Vhernier

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, the firm opened a store in Miami’s flourishing Design District. “Before Miami, the only Vhernier store in the United States was in Beverly Hills. We decided on the Design District because it has an amazing concentration of luxury brands, and we are inspired by art and design,” says Cristiana Vigano, Vice President and Head of Communications and Public Relations.

The boutique’s design highlights some of the brand’s characteristic features, such as vibrant hues, sinuous shapes and luxurious materials and finishes. The store will carry top designs for women and a select offering for men.

Carlo Traglio, president of Vhernier.

The jewelry on display is crafted from white and rose gold and integrates diamonds, colorful gems, ebony, mother of pearl and other jewels hand made in Milan. The firm continues a path of innovation with the development of new techniques for setting pave diamonds. In this case, they use only two claws, instead of four, for a smoother surface and enhanced fluidity.

For their special anniversary, the Italian label released two collections: Bisquit and FRECCIA. Bisquit is the gentler of the two collections, featuring beautiful Australian mother of pearl to create a dream-like opalescence, oval hoop earrings, and chain link necklaces. FRECCIA, the more playful of the collections, uses vibrant shades of jade and turquoise, as well as pave diamonds in curvy triangular shapes that mimic flower petals.

Each year, Vhernier creates limited-edition animal brooches, much to the delight of those who look for whimsy in their jewelry. This year’s penguin brooch is exceptionally fun in white gold, onyx, diamonds, cornelian and mother of pearl, and joins previous editions, including frogs, turtles, and toucans.

The brand is also taking an active role in philanthropy. They introduced a limited edition version of their popular Pirouette ring to support the organization Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), educate the children of St Luc Street Schools, and the Academy for Peace and Justice in Haiti. “We visited Haiti after the earthquake. It was such a tragic situation. Carlo Traglio and I both feel strong about this project.

Carlos de la Cruz, Carlo Traglio, Cristiana Vigano.

We visit Haiti every year,” says Vigano. Each ring sold provides one child with one year of education. The ring, created as a symbol of loyalty and love for others, is made of silver, sheathed in rose gold and engraved with “Vhernier for Kids Haiti”.

Vigano has a clear vision of who the Vhernier woman is: “Our client is sophisticated, with a great personality. She knows what she wants. She wants something different.” Vhernier’s striking designs convey a quiet luxury that carries from day to night and is never out of place. The bold Vhernier woman, a free-spirit whose interest is peaked by art and design, will find unrivaled pieces at the new Miami boutique.

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