Prints Are Taking Over Next Fall/Winter Season

Patricia Abaroa

Traditional textures like plaid, houndstooth and herringbone are as popular as ever, but they’re joined by bold florals, geometric shapes and heartland prints (among many others) this fall/winter.

If you’re not ready to let go of the vibrant hues and prints that we grow accustomed to during the summer months, you’re in luck. This Fall and Winter, colors are bright and prints are everywhere. Traditional textures like plaid, houndstooth and herringbone are as popular as ever, but they’re joined by bold florals, geometric shapes and heartland prints (among many others).

This season will prove to be a fun one for the daring fashion bunch: bold is in and mixing and matching prints will appeal to the most creative. These Fall and Winter 2018/2019 print trends are showing us that sometimes leopards do change their stripes… to neon. Below, you’ll find how some of our favorite designers are embracing prints as the weather cools down.

Etro: Wandering West

Fall/winter prints
Etro: Boho aesthetics and geometric prints

While other fashion houses decided to look to the 1980s for style inspiration for Fall and Winter, Veronica Etro wandered west. The designer embraced the firm’s boho aesthetic with flowy shapes and added folkloric motifs and geometric prints for a collection reminiscent of prairie living. Blanket coats, fringed cardigans and sinuous dresses in earth tones and patchwork are the fashion house’s go-tos for Fall and Winter. If you’re looking to embrace a more bohemian spirit as the weather cools down, Etro’s collection is full of prints and pieces that look best layered and paired with knee high boots and western belts.

DVF: Retro Vibes

Fall/winter prints
DVF: An homage to the 1960s and 1970s

There are a couple of new things happening at Diane von Furstenberg: namely, a new chief design officer and muse. Both were onboard for the house’s Fall and Winter collection. Nathan Jenden, the aforementioned design officer and vice president, had just four weeks to present this ultra-feminine collection. DVF’s Fall and Winter looks are vibrant homages to 1960s and 1970s, with retro geometric prints and silhouettes. A parrot print is also included, ensuring that you can still enjoy a bit of the tropics even in cold weather. During this collection, DVF also introduced Talita von Furstenberg (Diane von Furstenberg’s granddaughter) as the brand’s new muse.

Max Mara: Staying Neutral

Fall/winter prints
Max Mara: Winter essentials with a twist

Max Mara’s fall and winter collection revolves around a cold weather essential- a stylish and warm coat. The house is giving consumers plenty of options in the department: structured overcoats, bomber jackets and oversized blazers. There’s no shortage of classic Fall/Winter prints, either, including neutral animal prints and English tweed. While the fashion house does a great job of providing classics, they also step out of the box with new twists, putting pencil skirts over pants, making maxi skirts out of plaid wool, adding Western fringe to a coat and using leather suspenders as an accessory.

Balenciaga: A Mixed Bag

Fall/winter prints
Balenciaga: Mini-dresses to oversized coats

Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter Collection has a little bit of everything, from form fitting mini-dresses to oversized coats for the slopes. Demna Gvasalia, the house’s creative director, took an interesting approach to create the range of looks: he 3D scanned bodies and made molds. The designer’s take on Fall and Winter prints is one that is unafraid. He mixes houndstooth with bright florals and drapes sheer black fabrics on top of printed flowy dresses. It’s a lesson in contrast, where vibrant hues are paired with primary colors and structure merges with volume. An additional bonus: the collection also features World Food Program merchandise that benefits the United Nations Charity.

ERDEM: Dark Glamour

Fall/winter prints
Erdem: Tweeds and velvet

Erdem Moralioglu looked to American vaudeville child star Adele Astaire as his muse for the fashion house’s Fall/Winter collection. The result is a drama-filled line that incorporates rich fabrics like tweeds and velvet. Where other fashion houses embraced neon prints, Erdem stayed true to more typical Fall and Winter hues. There are black polka dots on sheer materials, velvet flower patterns and houndstooth. Erdem’s take on Fall and Winter prints is perfect for a mysterious woman who looks to the glitz and glam of 1930s film stars for style inspiration.

So, which of the Fall and Winter 2018/2019 print trends will you be wearing into 2019? ■

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