Cruise Collection

The Enigmatic Universe Of Mary Katrantzou

Ana B. Remos

Colorful prints and unique shapes defined the first Cruise Collection from the Greek designer.


Mary Katrantzou’s debut Cruise Collection caught the attention of the most discerning fashionistas. The magic of the fabrics used in the sample will surely improve the mood of the lucky women who get to wear her creations. She combines novelty of design with unique patterns that are both impressive and revelatory.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou (Athens, 1983) has presented her first cruise collection, in which she has perfected the technique of digital printing with hyper realistic, colorful landscapes, using a bright color palette. The young designer has shaped her universe with imposing silhouettes and a kaleidoscope of impossible landscapes, making bodysuits and short dresses that incorporated graceful layers of chiffon, inspired in 1960s, but renewed with her artistic and, occasionally, futuristic prints.

Her meteoric rise to fame began only a few years ago, and she has already become the favorite of stylish icons like Diane Kruger and Naomie Harris. Both have worn Katrantzou’s delicate, vigorous and enigmatic designs to attend exclusive galas and movie premieres.

The designer is aware that nowadays it is more necessary to reach a global audience through social media than simply attending cocktails to shake hands with the fashion elite. This may be attributed to her youth and business savvy, but she has more than 45,000 Twitter followers, who closely monitor her creativity. One of the most recent news published on her profile page is her future collaboration with Moncler, a label that specializes in feathered fancy coats. The unusual combination reflects the best of both worlds: Katrantzou’s enigmatic prints and the winter knitwear of the French brand.

Architecture continues to be a source of inspiration for the Greek designer. She abandoned her architectural studies in favor of textile design at London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

Her Mediterranean origin and her travels throughout Asia have enriched her design vocabulary to create compelling graphics and patterns that generate high expectation in each of her fashion shows. One only has to look at the photos that accompany this story to get caught in her magnetism.


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