Temperley London’s 2014 Cruise Collection

Ana B. Remos

The 2014 Cruise Collection from Temperley London is inspired by a modern day fairy tale princess.


Temperley London’s Cruise 2014 Collection is well suited for the protagonist of a modern day fairy tale, and designer Alice Temperley knows it. Her muse? An enchanted princess from the South of France who lives a charmed life and only wears beautiful clothes.

Temperley’s vintage aesthetic remains a priority, with undeniable fifties couture proportions: cinched waistlines, narrow shoulders and rounded collars, yet the items still manage to look perfectly comfortable in the now. This is a true testament to how timeless they really are.

The pieces in the collection are graceful and feminine, and to enhance the fairy tale narrative, there’s volume galore. Floor length organza skirts flare out from the waistline, with knee length skirts and coats following the same silhouette. The pea coat comes in bright pink or royal blue, and while playful and whimsical, the perfectly structured construction, turns it into a true classic and a showstopper. While some pieces flaunt attractive, eye-catching embroidery, others play with floral prints and appliques. Three-dimensional laser cut petals, influenced by buttercups and primroses, adorn dresses, floor length skirts and tops. Cocktail dresses, mostly in jacquard fabrics, carry all the magnificence of a beautiful garden. Delicate fabrics, like mesh, lace and satin seamlessly blend all the feminine details, but nothing ever seems overly sweet or too young, mostly attributed to the sharp lines Temperley incorporates.

The color palette introduces bright pinks and navy blue, as well as softer shades of lavender, cream, soft pinks, peaches and yellows. While one may not associate the color black with an enchanting fairy tale, Temperley has managed to make beautiful garments that never seem harsh. On the contrary, she has achieved soft, airy, romantic designs. One gown boasts face-framing embroidery, while other solid black gowns play with sheer fabrics, lace and appliques. There’s a floor skimming drop-waist skirt, which Temperley adorns with her blossomy belt. There are also sheer, loose fitting tops that flow perfectly.

Even with the vintage vibe in this charming collection, one knows that this princess is definitely the modern kind. She’s formal but relaxed. She wears trousers, and pairs her luxurious floor length skirts with button downs and more casual knits. She owns cerise colored leather, whether in the form of a classically fitted motorcycle jacket or a fresh knee-length blowy skirt.

Temperley has made sure that the modern day princess that owns this collection has something to wear, no matter where she’s going. She has dresses that take her to the ball, but also has their shorter counterparts that take her out for cocktails.


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