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Slim D’Hermès: A Line of Slender Timepieces for Her

Federico Tibytt

This collection of ladies watches comes in a range of price points and styles suitable for everything from everyday wear to pairing with an elegant ensemble for a special occasion.

One of Hermès’ most versatile watch collections is the Slim line, with its wide range of models that captivate through the simplicity of their design, the precision of their operations and the originality of their identity.
Slim D’Hermès

When we talk about luxury watches, there is often a certain prejudice when discussing pieces created by companies that became well-known for their role in the fashion world. Most watch purists remain suspicious of the quality and distinction of models made by houses like Ralph Lauren or, in this case, Hermès.

But over the years, and from building strategic partnerships with recognized Swiss manufacturers, these fashion brands have been able to become legitimate competitors, while offering products in a wide range of price points. For example, the Slim D’Hermès ladies collection carries pieces that start at around US$3,000, but the Slim D’Hermès Quantième Perpétuel is valued at around US$40,000.

With its Slim D’Hermès line of luxury watches, the traditional French fashion house offers a great alternative to high-end timepieces.

This versatility provides an exceptional advantage for consumers, not only because they can choose from an ample variety of options, but it also allows them to choose from aesthetically similar pieces with different degrees of sophistication: ranging from watches that are ideal for everyday use to timepieces that are perfect for more elegant ensembles.

What characterizes the Slim line is exactly what its name implies. Its compact designs vary between 1 inch (25mm) and 1.5 inches (39mm) in diameter and have a surprising thinness that ranges between .25 inches (7mm) and .35 inches (9mm), depending on the model.
Slim D’Hermés

Its minimalist design and simple dial is recognized mainly by the typography, with its fine and stylized strokes, creating each number from lines and curves that never meet. The visual characteristics are clean, but some, like the Quantième Perpétuel, house many complications, including a calendar, a second time zone and lunar phases. Despite this, the faces always look chic and neat, a virtue that many competitors have failed to achieve.

The line features pieces with quartz movement, which are the thinnest and least expensive versions. Purists will revel in the H1950, an automatic movement created by watchmaking company Aghenor for Hermès (hence the H placed before the 1950).

The watch bands are delicate in appearance, but made of durable leather, which is to be expected from the brand that has been a world reference in the manufacturing of leather goods since 1837.

With its Slim D’Hermès line of luxury watches, the traditional French fashion house offers a great alternative to high-end timepieces, and these watches showcase a unique adaptability and elegance in the women’s market.  ■

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